Sunday, April 18, 2010

BC - Fri, 4/16/10

The Assistant Coroner (should that be Assistant Medical Examiner?) was paid only $10K to falsify the documents? THAT was the bribe? OH PUH-LEEZE! He had to be in REALLY desperate financial straits to put everything on the line for a measly $10K -- you can't even get a new car for that!

It doesn't MATTER if Greenlee was at the center of part of the case against David. It wasn't ABOUT whether or not she lived, it was about David falsifying records and bribing an official. Her testimony would have NOTHING to do with those charges unless she wanted to testify as a character witness during the SENTENCING phase after a verdict had been reached.

Then Liza begs the judge for just FIVE MINUTES alone with Greenlee. The judge says no. Again, WTF? Someone just barges on into court, DEMANDS to be allowed to testify, and no one knows what she's going to say and the judge just goes with it and doesn't allow the lawyers to get even a CLUE as to what she's going to say? What is this, Perry Mason? IOAS, IOAS, IOAS ...

And THEN Liza says that, in light of the new developments, the defense rests. WTF? No one even QUESTIONED Greenlee! There is no proof whatsoever to what she said, and, again, KENDALL has nothing to do with the charges against David. And even with all that said, had Greenlee's testimony been in any way shape or form admissible in the first place, then Liza should not have RESTED -- she should have asked that the charges relating to covering up Greenlee's death be dropped. As it stands, the jury can still decide if David is guilty or not guilty. If the charges are dropped, the jury only has to decide on the Adam issue. he DA should also have objected or called for a mistrial. Greenlee is CLEARLY there out of spite, after all AND she is married to the defendant. That calls for some in-depth examination as to her motives for being there, but the DA didn't make a peep. IOAS, IOAS, IOAS.

Annie is married to a billionaire who has a limo driver at his disposal, and they live in a big mansion with a crack [snort!] security team, servants, etc., but little Emma STILL has to fend for herself at a bus stop for school?

Robin "Emma is one poor little rich girl" Coutellier

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