Sunday, April 18, 2010

BC - Thu, 4/15/10

I'm glad they still have a photo shoot planned, because that poster of Amanda that's already on an easel in the Fusion office is not particularly interesting or even flattering.

When eBabe finds out that JAR cheated on her with Annie (and she WILL), will she try to get custody of AJ, now that she's his legal mother?

Since Jake is wearing the open collar/necklace combo again today, I'm guessing this is a new old fashion. I have to chuckle over how everything that's old gets new again, and what's in style today will be ridiculed tomorrow and revered again the day after.

I'm sitting in my chair watching TV, with a fan overhead, another one in the window near me and another TV is being watched in a different room so there's a lot of ambient noise in the room. Consequently, it's not surprising that I could mishear a line, but I got a laugh out of the one I just misheard. Brooke tells Adam she has to get to her meeting, but I heard her say: "I have to get to my weinie." BWAHAAHAHAA!

Robin "I'm so easily amused" Coutellier

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