Friday, April 9, 2010

BC - Mon-Thu, 4/5-8/10

WTF? Liza tells David that Greenlee's testimony, along with the fact that Kendall was the one who caused the accident, pretty much GUARANTEES that he'll be acquitted. On what grounds? It makes NO SENSE.

Another pet peeve of mine is how patients lie in bed at PVH. Damon is sitting practically straight up in bed as Jake examines him and tells him he might have some broken ribs. Most doctors who examine someone for internal injuries don't have the patients sitting up while doing so, but unless someone is on an operating table, no patient in PVH is ever lying down relatively flat. They can have a broken back and they're STILL cranked up into a nearly sitting position, usually with lots of pillows behind them, too. I don't understand how these people sleep without blocking their airways from head-drooping.

When it was revealed that Brooke was in the other car in the accident, how many of you flashed back to the accident where Arlene was driving drunk and crashed into Brooke, trapping Brooke in her car? Brooke then went into labor with Jamie. Arlene, in the meantime, made Hayley agree to say that SHE was the one driving.

Didn't Brooke already have her spleen removed somewhere along the line (possibly as a result of that accident when she went into labor)?

JAR asks Annie if she's calling Lacy's to send over even MORE dresses (for her to choose to wear in front of Congress). Lacy's is supposed to be like Macy's. Wouldn't Annie have designer dresses sent from much higher-end stores?

Okay, I'll bite. Which Disney/ABC character does the crab represent? You KNOW they have a commercial interest in it because they zoomed in on it when Colby gave it to Damon. They did not, however, zoom in on the Teddy Bear she got for Brooke. Did the crab have to do with The Little Mermaid?

Brooke is still unconscious after her surgery. So why isn't she in a Recovery Room?

JAR criticizes Colby and snottily states that she is dating someone who hasn't even graduated from high school. I can imagine that thousands of people watching the show promptly told JAR: "YOU'VE never graduated from high school!"

Unanswered Question: Do Randi or Madison ever have to call Maintenance and tell them that a toilet in the ladies room on the top floor at Fusion is backed up and overflowing?

Brooke laughs when Jamie and Laura join in with a videoconference. She just had her spleen removed the night before -- wouldn't it HURT to laugh?

Wow, Adam/David Canary REALLY needs a haircut.

Robin "he's starting to look like Tom Mesereau (a well-known, shaggy lawyer)" Coutellier

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