Thursday, December 17, 2009

BC - Fri, 12/10/09

OT: OMG, I am SOOOO far behind. I'll spill. I'm having a JOYFUL romance. Some things are falling by the wayside right and left and I'm having trouble keeping up lately, but it's definitely for a good cause! I have NOT abandoned AMC and Boogie Chillens, though -- I'm just a little slow to watch them lately. And now, on with the show, albeit a week behind ...

When Liza said she had one little piece of advice for Tad The Cad and his re-entry into the dating pool, how many of you thought she was going to say: "When you DO find the right woman, DON'T sleep with her MOTHER"? For you newbies out there, when Tad and Liza were in high school, Tad The Cad wooed her and she surrendered her virginity to him. She was in love with him. Her mother, OTOH, had some different lovin' in mind; Marian in SERIOUS cougar-mode, voraciously seduced Tad, giving him gifts, etc., so he was banging both Liza AND Marian. He was quite the busy Town Lothario, all right!

Annie demanding that Liza tell her the trial strategy and EXACTLY what Adam will say on the stand is the first believable and realistic thing that's happened in this whole legal saga.

I know it's a volunteer situation and you take what you can get, but is having a male doctor treat possible rape victims in a shelter for abused women really the best choice?

Robin "Bailey's boyfriend is small time compared to Tad" Coutellier

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