Sunday, December 20, 2009

BC - Fri, 12/18/09

Okay, that passing out thing Zach did was just plain EMBARRASSING -- WAY too soap girly! Please tell me he was faking it! He WASN'T? I wouldn't include THAT in an Emmy Reel if I were Thorston Kaye.

Does Rob The Architect remind anyone else of a slightly melted Ken doll?

Liza informs Tad that if the blackmail pictures David provided to her of the D.A. in bed with a judge were ever to go public, the D.A. would lose his job. Tad points out that, in turn, LIZA could get HIS job. Oh PUH-LEEZE! She hasn't even BEEN a lawyer for very long and that's not a job that someone from the private sector generally just jumps into. Did Liza even INTERN in a D.A.'s office? Did she intern in ANYONE'S office? Her own shady past ALONE would preclude her from getting the job. IOAS, IOAS, IOAS ...

Robin "I'm caught up, I'm caught up, I'm caught up!" Coutellier

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