Monday, December 14, 2009

BC - Tue-Wed, 12/8-9/09

I think I'm getting the dates mixed up here as to which show is on which date, so please bear with me. That can happen when one gets behind AND has two versions of the same show (ABC vs Soapnet).

If the interview with Zach has been in evidence since day 1, why did Liza have to submit Nurse Ratchett's statements as Exihibit A? Don't they know how to count or alphabetize?

Well THAT was probably the fastest verdict in the history of television. I think they took a whopping 30 seconds! Oh please! The jury didn't even get instructions from the judge. They didn't even have time to introduce themselves to each other or pass out the forms, let alone SIGN them. I think I would have been happier if they had just not shown ANY of the trial and just told us about it after the fact.

I agree that charging him with first degree murder was totally bogus. There was no INTENT to murder his brother and there were no circumstances whatsoever that justified that particular charge.

Is it just me, or is Stuart's father sporting a barber-shop quartet hairstyle?

How many times did Liza say "Listen" in the last couple of days? Are we seeing another Brooke on the horizon?

Robin "Is anyone going to visit Marian for Christmas?" Coutellier

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