Saturday, December 12, 2009

BC - Mon-Tue, 12/7-8/09

WTF? They are SO taking Aidan in a VERY bad direction!

Why do the words "He is SUCH an asshole!" never seem to stop popping out of my mouth when it comes to David?

How can they POSSIBLY have a trial when one of the defendants/witnesses is stuck in the hospital? This is LUDICROUS!

And now Zach has been called to testify in the trial. He's being subpoenaed NOW. The trial starts in a few MINUTES and Zach is only just now being notified. Uh huh. Un-f**king-believable! Can't they even try to PRETEND this resembles anything having to do with court or laws or attorneys or the TIME SPACE CONTINUUM? What is this, The Simpsons?

Robin "Doh!" Coutellier

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