Saturday, December 5, 2009

BC - Tue, 12/1/09

Why is Amanda arguing with David about what Trevor may or may not have that's causing a fever? How about you STFU and TAKE HIM TO THE HOSPITAL or bathe him in tepid water or something like THAT?

Wow, they actually put Adam and Scott in orange jumpsuits. Sparkling new and completely wrinkle-free orange jumpsuits, but jumpsuits, nonetheless. That would be a normal thing (except for the spotless and wrinkle-free part), but most people that are put into PVPD cells wear their own clothes.

Oh PUH-lease! David, world-reknowned cardiologist/surgeon couldn't spot a simple EAR INFECTION in a baby! I don't believe THAT for a second! That's practically the first thing to check for with a baby.

Jake really does sound heartbroken.

Aidan was never the best of characters but he has taken a nasty turn and I don't like it AT ALL. At least before all this he was a quasi-good-guy. Now? Between his utterly inexplicable relationship with Annie and his nefarious motives and manipulations of Kendall, there's nothing left to like about him.

Robin "What next? Does he have a cabin in the woods with a dungeon containing skeletonized body parts?" Coutellier

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