Wednesday, November 3, 2010

BC - Mon, 11/1/10

Given how often he's been kidnapped in his short life, AJ should really have a LoJack installed.

Erica to Jack: "Jack, you are a BRILLIANT lawyer -- of COURSE you're prepared! And besides, you've got a VERY cute butt." Well, that IS how cases are won. Of course, Liza has a cute butt, too.

What is that black and silver thing draped over the chair on the right in Erica's living room? I'd almost say it's a dress, but it's straight up and down. Straight up and down is Greenlee's style, but not Erica's. It's also extremely narrow, even for La Lucci. Is it a wrap or decoration?

Why are people (and particularly witnesses and murder defendants) allowed to wander into courtrooms after hours? They could be planting bombs or peeing in the corners or putting thumbtacks on the prosecution chairs or just plain snooping into things they should not be seeing.

Robin "not that they couldn't have gotten in via a simple credit card swipe between the doorjamb and a courthouse-strength deadbolt" Coutellier

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