Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Wait a sec -- are those DISCO BALLS over Erica's table in the background (to the left of the painting on the wall)?

Am I getting deja vu with that monster mask? Didn't Ryan get accused of raping That Kit Fisher Person (Jack's sister, aka TKFP) while wearing a similar mask, which was found in Ryan's room? The rapist turned out to be Braden (aka Just Braden), Ryan's brother. The DNA matched 50%, so naturally Ryan was arrested and tried for it, given such compelling DNA evidence .

Why is Jack telling Krystal that Erica surprised him last night by admitting that she thought Greenlee was guilty. It's STILL last night. It's STILL Halloween. That happened only a few minutes ago and then Erica went to Wildwind, alone, to celebrate Halloween with her family. Jack, who didn't want to be interrupted on his daughter's murder case, then went to Krystal's instead of staying home and working on the case. Later he went to Wildwind to spend the ultra-important holiday of Halloween with Erica. Apparently he's going to let Greenlee fry.

The thunderstorm doesn't seem to be making Erica nervous.

The doorbell had not finished ringing for even a full second before Bianca came into the living room and asked if she was the ONLY one who hears the doorbell. No, but you have the patience of a newborn, only you express it more quickly.

Robin "is that scorched squirrel I smell?" Coutellier

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