Sunday, November 21, 2010

BC - Fri, 11/19/10

I'm about to start watching Friday's show. The Tivo description for it states "Griffin is introduced to Kendall". I can only assume that he'll be her grief sex partner for this go-around.

How far away is the island from civilization that the plane crashed at night, Greenlee called for help right away, but the Coast Guard didn't arrive until the next morning?

Not that I would mind for a second that Greenlee would be going to prison, but how is she supposed to "be there for Kendall, even if it's in handcuffs" if she's incarcerated? In what way is that "being there" for Kendall?

WTF is the MATTER with Amanda? Does her head have ANYTHING but air in it? Her husband obviously has a MAJOR problem with Griffin, so she invites Griffin to lunch with her to make up for Jake punching him? In what possible universe is this a "good" thing?

If the Coast Guard knows about Zach's plane going down, why hasn't anyone notified Kendall yet, even though enough time has gone by for Greenlee and Ryan to be immediately flown back to Pine Valley (via the Pine Valley Transporter, no doubt) from somewhere off the coast of California?

Robin "Kendall can't commence to have grief sex until she knows Zach is dead, after all" Coutellier

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