Sunday, November 21, 2010

BC - Wed-Thu, 11/17-18/10

Ryan secretly recorded the sleazy guy admitting that David had him plant the vial, etc. Greenlee calls Jack to tell him what had happened and how Ryan cleverly recorded it. Jack: "Smart guy!" Really? I seriously doubt that the recording would be allowed in any court.

Kendall catches her breath about the time Zach's plane crashes (on the opposite coast). Annie asks if she's okay and Kendall says she's probably just excited -- she's got some big days ahead. Yeah, she should pencil in some grief sex as long as she's already doing seating charts.

Was Zach flying the plane? I ask because neither Ryan nor Greenlee seem to think about or care that someone besides Zach might have died in the plane crash.

Robin "Pilot: Helloooo??? Is anyone there??? What am I, chopped liver?" Coutellier

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