Monday, November 15, 2010

BC - Tue-Thu, 11/9-11/10

Greenlee and Ryan decide (at first separately) to go after the sleazy guy who testified about losing his job. Greenlee says she should be the one to do it. Ryan says HE should be the one to do it. Greenlee: "Why? Because you're a man?" How about because THE JURY IS DELIBERATING IN YOUR MURDER TRIAL AND COULD COME BACK WITH A VERDICT AT ANY MOMENT SO YOU SHOULDN'T BE LEAVING TOWN, LET ALONE THE STATE. Just a thought.

There's no way in HELL a room that is THAT nice that's in a hotel does not have a keycard lock. No. Way.

Why did Greenlee pass out? Her head didn't even hit the gravel, and if it had -- it's GRAVEL, which at least has some give. What a wuss! She landed with her arm out for her head to conveniently land on, though, so a shoulder dislocation or rotator cuff tear wouldn't be out of the question. Ryan later said that she had the wind knocked out of her. No she didn't -- she would have been struggling for air if that were the case, rather than falling in a pretty pose and staying motionless in that position for quite some time.

Ryan proceeds to "lose" the phone he used to call Kendall. He does so by hitting it a few times with Greenlee's shoe, breaking the glass and plastic on it. I notice that he did not, however, remove the battery (although the battery compartment door had popped off). Idiot.

Robin "I hate Greenlee/Ryan-centric days" Coutellier

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