Monday, November 22, 2010

BC - Mon, 11/22/10

Is Spike's school having a Thanksgiving Day pageant? Why would they do that ON Thanksgiving when most people have other things to do that don't involve bringing their little ones to school?

EXCUSE ME??? After the verdict, Jack states for the record that he wants the jury polled. After a snotty outburst between Jack and Liza, the Judge gets in a snit and says SHE is satisfied with the jury's verdict and they are free to go. WTF? She can't do that! The verdict could be overturned on a technicality, I think, if the Defense asks for the jury to be polled and the judge DENIES it. Also, the jury didn't even fill out any forms about the verdict. The forms not only have to be filled out, but the judge has to give them the once-over before the verdict is read to make sure all the T's are crossed and I's are dotted and the forms are signed. I call BOGUS!

Okay, I'll have to chime in and say I didn't see THAT coming, either. Oh, I had strong suspicions that David might not really be dead, but I figured it would be a long while before we found out -- unless this is someone's imagination, in which case he's still "dead". If he IS alive, then, all things considered, someone's probably going to turn around and off him again.

Robin "then he would be known as Twice Cooked Pork" Coutellier

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