Friday, November 19, 2010

BC - Mon-Tue, 11/15-16/10

Was the costume dept out of blouses in Annie's size? I only ask because that silky olive-green one she was wearing was way too tight, and not in a sexy way.

When Krystal found out that Greenlee had flown the coop, she said that it didn't take a paralegal to know that that was wrong. Are we supposed to take that to mean that Krystal is now a paralegal? Oh Puh-leeze!

Why would Amanda go out to the parking lot with a total stranger (who happened to be hitting on her pretty hard) when he offers to look at her husband's disabled car? She had never seen him before, bumped into him in the hallway at the hospital, and didn't even know his name.

Why was Frankie using euphemisms such as Dr Hayward is "no longer with us" when telling the new guy that David was dead? He's a DOCTOR speaking to another DOCTOR. They've worked on cadavers. They've attended and perhaps even assisted at autopsies. They see death on a semi-regular basis. They could have said he's dead, he's deceased, he kicked the bucket, he's pushing up daisies, he's six feet under, he met his maker, he's burning in hell, he was murdered, he was killed, his ashes were flushed down the toilet, or any number of things to indicate that he's dead, but "he's no longer with us"? That's pretty lame.

When Ryan and Greenlee said their heartfelt vows to each other, was I the only one who heard "Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah" ad nauseam? I think that's what the closed-captioning showed, too.

Do Ryan and/or Greenlee have any birth control with them on the island? Mustn't forget her hostile womb.

Robin "okay, I admit it -- I FF'd through much of the G/R scenes" Coutellier

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Jason Smith said...

I've been fast forwarding through Ryan and Greenlee scenes for years. The only time I could ever stand G. was when she was played by Sabine Singh...

Why is getting struck by lightning just before a marriage proposal only something that happens in REAL life? So unfair...