Thursday, November 11, 2010

BC - Mon, 11/8/10

Greenlee is wearing really heavy, black makeup on her eyes. You'd think she'd want the jury to be seeing someone who looks at least non-threatening and confident in her own looks, not someone who looks like an ancient Egyptian siren open for business or someone who fell for looking through novelty binoculars. I'm tellin' ya, she has NO concept of the "natural look" cosmetic line that SHE spent so much time launching. She reminds me of someone I used to work with a long time ago. People made fun of her behind her back because she always looked like she slept without washing off the eyeliner and mascara and then just piled more on top of the leftovers the next day. Every now and then this "look" comes into fashion, and when it does, I always think the women succumbing to it look like they have dirty eyes.

Speaking of inappropriate appearances, that is an EXTREMELY inappropriate red dress Erica is almost wearing. I know the press conference was impromptu, but GEEZE, cover UP, woman! She's supposed to be running a corporation, not a Frederick's of Hollywood franchise! But nooooo, there she is, standing by Caleb's side (Caleb is covered from neck to toe) looking like she's about to make an appearance at the Playboy Club. Imagine she was wearing bunny ears on her head and a collar around her neck and you'll see what I mean.

I'm still confused about the sale of Cortlandt to Chandler. Yes, there was a dummy corporation in place to buy it, but Caleb WAS selling it. He didn't WANT to have anything to do with it, other than to sell it. There is, of course, the issue of Scott stealing the Cortlandt nanotech ideas, so that part is certainly an issue, but the fact that Caleb sold the company to an entity that then transferred the ownership to Chandler doesn't seem like a LEGAL swindle. Yes, the other "entity" was deliberately set up to buy the company for Chandler, so there is some fraud as far as intent goes, but unless Caleb had some specific legal reasons for not selling to them, I don't understand it. Caleb didn't want the Chandlers to get it because JAR and Adam Chandler are assholes, and Palmer never would have wanted Chandlers to own his company. Those aren't legal reasons to void a sale. The key is Scott's theft of technology, and that's what they should focus on.

If Caleb didn't know about the baby until Sonia went to the mine to tell him about it (at which time he delivered the baby), and he knew Sonia had been "stolen" by Adam, how would he have any authority to "give Asher away"? Wait he and Sonia were still married then, weren't they?

Robin "for a lawyer, he's not too bright" Coutellier

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