Friday, October 29, 2010

BC - Mon-Tue, 10/25-26/10

JAR is talking to Annie in the living room. We hear a door slam. Not quite three seconds later Madison knocks on the open door to the living room to let them know she's there. She says his housekeeper let her in. Earlier Caleb had said one of the household help let him in. Who are all these mysterious house workers that keep letting people into the Chandler mansion, no questions asked, and why don't they TELL anyone that they've let anyone and everyone into the house? They rarely escort people to the living room or announce them in any way. In fact, they're invisible, mute and silent except for slamming doors.

How long is Ian going to remain a baby?

Annie made it sound like she had a child WITH Ryan. BZZZZT! Neither Annie nor Ryan even had an inkling that he was Emma's biological father -- they didn't even meet until Emma was 5 years old. Emma is the product of a sperm bank deposit and anonymous withdrawal while Annie was married to her first husband. For that matter, Ryan's first wife, Gillian, insisted that his sperm samples (which he made in an effort to earn $90K (because his sperm is THAT valuable)) be destroyed. They even went TO THE CLINIC and made a big point of it, so there was never supposed to be any samples left to make either Emma or Spike. Both of those sperm samples were part of a retconned storyline.

The article Asher had stated that his mother had been found dead at the mine. Colby mentioned that he had told her that his mother died giving birth to him, which meant that Halloween is his birthday. Well, which is it? Did she die giving birth or did she die in a mine explosion? Since it's a soap, she probably died during childbirth WHILE the mine was exploding. Asher must have been propelled into a cabbage patch by the force of the blast.

Robin "now that's what I call an explosive entrance" Coutellier

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