Friday, October 15, 2010

BC - Mon, 10/11/10

Ah, NOW I see Susan Lucci's new cheek implants. Yup, summer "refreshment". She said Jack had made her BLISSFULLY happy in the last few months. Apparently he's been stuffing her ... cheeks.

Was Kendall's dress packaged in a plastic Egg casing before she put it on?

Why would anyone want to buy from or invest in a company that is CONSTANTLY in dire straits? Fusion has had it's top executives murdered, kidnapped, on trial, in jail, in prison, on the run after escaping from prison, they had all of their computer data completely wiped out, one of their former top employees is a whackjob multiple murderer (Annie), the co-founders keep disappearing for a months or even years on end, they've sold tainted products that made a lot of people sick, they've been shut down by the SEC, and their products are needlessly expensive.

Jackson tells Greenlee that the papers are calling her the "Green Widow". BWAHAHAHAHAA! That's a good one!

Something looks odd about that bench. Oh, I know -- it's not tagged! I guess Pine Valley doesn't have much of a gang problem, other than that nasty Fusionista gang.

I can't help it. I just can't take Scott seriously. Adam Mayfield, the actor playing him, is just so HAMMY all the time. He's constantly striking a pose, even if it's just with his face. It takes me completely out of the story every time I see him.

Annie makes it clear to Colby that her daughter is her priority in all this, and she doesn't want her getting hurt. Really? Annie's number one priority is ANNIE. If Emma was REALLY her priority, she would never insist upon continuing to live at the Chandler mansion and she would not have had sex -- again -- with JAR. For that matter, she wouldn't have married Scott so soon after her breakup with Adam.

Erica points out that Greenlee went RIGHT for the good sheets. That's Erica Kane's residence -- aren't ALL the sheets "the good sheets"?

Robin "will she hog the 'good' toilet paper, too?" Coutellier

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