Saturday, October 9, 2010

BC - Tue-Wed, 10/5-6/10

So Scott went to Europe and back in the course of one day?

Oh look -- Erica is afraid of thunderstorms again. How convenient.

WOW! There's something you don't see every day (M-F)! Annie's makeup actually SMEARED. Not from the rain, but from crying. Yeah, it happens every once in ten blue moons, and this is apparently one of them.

How many days does Greenlee have to wear the same clothes? Does she even have a change of thong? Since she's been to jail Scott has gone to Europe, then back to Florida and now home to Pine Valley and she's STILL wearing the clothes she was wearing when they arrested her.

Scott managed to fly to Europe and back to Florida and then get to Pine Valley, yet he was unable to get to the top of the stairs in time to catch JAR and Annie having sex, even though they still had much of their clothing on as he started to ascend the stairs. For someone with such long legs, you'd think he'd get there faster. By the time he burst into the room, they were naked and done. It doesn't say much for JAR's stamina in the sack, either.

Robin "carrying Annie up the stairs must have tuckered him out" Coutellier

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