Monday, October 18, 2010

BC - Wed-Thu, 10/13-14/10

Jesse begs Jack NOT to call Angie as a witness (who also had a motive to kill David) in Greenlee's trial. He says that he can't DO this to Angie now -- not if Jackson is the decent, honorable, and ethical lawyer that Jesse knows him to be. Hello??? Jesse, Jackson is a LAWYER. He could be disbarred for not vigorously defending his client, and he has a duty to create reasonable doubt. The fact that everyone in town wanted to kill David means that there are PLENTY of other possible suspects and reasonable doubt. As a doctor and Chief Of Staff, Angie would also have easy access to Digitalis.

Why is it that Scott is already in an orange uniform, but Greenlee had to wear her own clothes day after day while in jail? He's even in the same cell she was in (#4).

OT/TAN: Am I the only one who HATES that commercial about the mom who borrows her daughter's green shirt? It gives me the creeps. While I'm on the subject, that commercial with the cardboard cutout of an angry leprechaun gives me the creeps, too.

Did you notice that Jesse doesn't know how to pronounce "amnio"? He said "ammio".

Robin "it's only a syllable away from ammonio" Coutellier

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