Friday, October 8, 2010

BC - Fri-Mon, 10/1-4/10

I liked the little nod to history when Annie said she thought she would invite the Ramseys to their party because it would probably bring a little more class. Juanita Ramsey was one of Phoebe's best friends; I don't think we ever saw Juanita in person (although we might have -- I have a vague image of a woman in a really wide hat), but Juanita was almost always mentioned when it came to Phoebe's talking about her social circle, which tended to consist mostly of the Daughters Of Fine Lineage.

Much like Erica's phobia about thunderstorms, Greenlee's claustrophobia conveniently comes and goes.

I know Kendall is a spoiled rich girl now, but she grew up in Florida (frequently referring to it as swampland), with ordinary parents. She yearned for the glamorous life, but she didn't HAVE it. Although her parents thought she was a princess, they did not have servants. Kendall has had to do her share of the work over the years, including going back to Florida to help her mother when her father was dying. So this helpless rich girl who's never had to wipe anything but her own pristine butt doesn't fly.

Oh puh-LEEZE! Since when does an employment agency recruiter meet with 19-yr-old prospective employees for interviews at a BISTRO unless they are rich and have connections? She hasn't even looked at his application yet!

Given their track records of being arrested, incarcerated and escaping, not to mention their own LENGTHY records of outlandish behavior when together, why on earth would Jesse agree to assign Kendall to clean up the cell area where Greenlee is being held? Is their sister act supposed to endear either one of them to us? Pssst! BOTH of you, listen and listen good: "BUTCH UP!"

AMC is VERY fond of using their new park set, which is nice for them because they don't have to go to a warehouse, haul it all to a studio, unpack it, pack it up at the end of the day and haul it back to a warehouse. But what are they going to do when the weather turns cold and/or rainy? Contrary to what people might think, it is NOT always warm and sunny in California; it rains, leaves fall and it gets downright frosty. On really rare occasions (outside of mountains where it's not so rare), it even snows. In any case, PV is still supposed to be in Pennsylvania. They might still use the park, but they're going to have to start putting on coats in another month.

Robin "Is the D.A. allowed to hire someone with a record?" Coutellier

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