Monday, October 25, 2010

BC - Thu-Fri, 10/21-22/10

Jack is concerned that Greenlee didn't get any sleep the night before. He says he would have offered to come over and watch a movie with her. Is he freaking KIDDING me? Most lawyers in the middle of a MURDER trial get very little sleep and have no time to watch movies with their families and/or clients. Jackson has been handling this by the seat of his pants from the get-go.

Is is UP with eBabe? She goes to the Chandler mansion practically every single day to get something for AJ, confronts either JAR, Annie or both of them in the living room, then becomes outraged and storms out. She almost NEVER accomplishes the ostensible goal of why she's going over there in the first place. She getting to be quite a hag about it. I think she WANTS to find a way to start a fight for the sole purpose of storming off in a self-righteous huff over, of all things, all the drama. I'm beginning to think she may be just a tad hypocritical.

As a patient, I know I would feel SOOO much better know that Kendall Hart Slater had cleaned my room at PVH. I'm sure the room is quite sanitary once she's done with it and picks up all the stuff she's thrown on the floor (and reused), and my sense of personal safety is bound to be uplifted knowing that I'm surrounded by criminal elements with hearts of gold working off their community service in and around my room, the food preparation area, the Morgue, the Pathology Lab, the Maternity ward, the Cardiac Unit, Intensive Care and, of course, the Level 4 Infectious Diseases wing.

Robin "wash those hands!" Coutellier

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