Friday, October 22, 2010

BC - Mon-Wed, 10/18-20/10

Erica always makes a speech when she's a witness in a trial, whether it's someone else's trial or her own. And she always gets away with it.

Annie is an employee of Chandler Enterprises. She's the head of PR. Wouldn't she have a salary to fall back on, or can they freeze that, too?

Angie is worried about Jesse's blood pressure. Jesse tries to ignore her about it. Long-time watchers of AMC remember that his very own Uncle Frank, after whom whom Frankie is named, died from a stroke after an ongoing storyline of HIM having high blood pressure. I still remember when he died -- it shocked the shit out of me! He died very suddenly on a TUESDAY. Who (on a soap) dies on a TUESDAY?

If Liza doesn't want anyone to know she's in the hospital, why doesn't she insist they draw the privacy curtain around her bed?

I was stunned for a moment when Caleb was talking to Palmer's portrait -- I thought he had his dog's head stuffed and sitting on the mantelpiece. Turns out it was a photo. Wow, that is a VIVID photo! And I don't even have HD TV.

Liza is supposed to be rehydrated. So why doesn't she have an IV in. There's an IV there, but it's not connected, unless it's stuck somewhere where the sun don't shine. Maybe she's just absorbing it through the air, like it's a vaporizor with a really tiny outlet for the steam.

Liza tells Damon that when Jenny came along in high school and became her competition, THAT is probably when she started to fight. Oh please! Liza has been a feisty bitch from day one. Of course, I think we didn't know Liza existed until Jenny came along, but you don't get to be the way Liza was back then without a LOT of fighting/domination. She wasn't popular for her personality -- the rest of the girls were probably scared scrunchy-less to oppose her in any way. She definitely fell into the category of "Mean Girls".

Flub of the day: Liza referred to Jenny as "Jeanie".

Robin "I miss Marcy Walker" Coutellier

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Robin said...

I miss the old Liza too ( and I missed your posts on google, just found you here, phew)