Saturday, October 9, 2010

BC - Fri, 10/8/10

I see Erica FINALLY got her new digs finished and furnished. Unless those are Jack's new digs. I like the set, in any case.

Tidbit: Greenlee is in cell number 4.

Are we really supposed to feel warm and fuzzy because Ryan gave a key to Madison? How many times have we seen him symbolically give a key to the multitudes of women in his life? Not that any of them NEED a key since he conveniently leaves one under the planter in the hall.

Jack argues that Greenlee has family and friends and a business to run in Pine Valley and she's not about to leave all that. Oh really? She's done it before, more than once, and WITHOUT being in a coma. I don't know how he can say that with a straight face -- oh wait, yes I can. He's a lawyer.

Chandler Enterprises has already had a big press release about the nanotech project. You'd think Caleb, if not Erica, would have instantly figured out that THAT was at the crux of the whole "stealing from a dead man" thing.

I HATE it when men on soaps manhandle women! JAR has grabbed Annie's arm over and over in the last few days. Considering her own track record for mayhem and all she has lost, he should really think twice about how he treats her. Then again, if anyone on a soap ever thought twice about something, there would be no storylines.

Robin "is Annie the only women Ryan has ever been with that can cook?" Coutellier

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