Sunday, October 3, 2010

BC, Tue-Wed, 9/28-29/10

Has Greenlee been Botoxed into oblivion? She rarely changes her expression. Granted, she has not been happy (downright depressed, in fact) since she came out of her coma, but Geez Louise, make SOME kind of expression! All she ever does these days is stare while looking guarded or vaguely sad.

Randi told Madison that she will cut any woman who tried to start anything up with her man. Really. For an ex-hooker, she didn't put much into it to back up her words. She said it with all the feeling, menace and warning of someone who ... um ... I just realized that no matter what I think of to compare it to, there ISN'T really anything, because most people put more emotion into choosing paper over plastic or what flavor of pudding they prefer or if someone cuts in line in front of them at the supermarket or someone sends their husband spam advertising Russian "girls" with live webcams. For someone "from the streets", she's got all the street skills of a ... um ... again, nothing to compare her to other than inanimate objects. I had to back the DVR up to hear it again because I needed to make sure she said what I thought I heard; they were just words coming out of her mouth, and nothing more.

Annie tells Scott (who hands her a key to look at a house to buy) that if they leave the Chandler mansion now, JAR wins. No he doesn't. How does he win? By not being all up in her face 24/24? By not eavesdropping on their every word? By not being able to listen outside their door when they have sex (we haven't seen it, but I wouldn't put it past him)? By not churning up everyone's stomach acid simply by breathing the same air space? By upsetting all the children? Oh yeah, JAR wins BIG TIME! She should think about she and Scott and their marriage winning and not giving a flying f**k about JAR outside of the office. I was glad to hear Scott say pretty much the same thing.

Are they doing something with JAR's eyes or makeup or something? Colby was right -- he IS looking like Adam. Is that on purpose? Maybe it's just the way JY is portraying him now with certain facial expressions. He's just sliding on into the rich asshole mogul slot vacated by Adam. Not that he didn't have the "rich asshole" part down pat long before now. It's kind of sobering to think of the characters that we saw being children or teens now stepping into the shoes of characters that have moved on. Tad has been (badly) slipping into Joe's shoes, playing the good guy "Father Knows Best" character for a while now. We didn't see her as a child or teen, but Krystal seems to be slipping into the Ruth/Myrtle role as the woman everyone in town has a cup of tea with as they pour their hearts out to her and she dispenses wise advice based on her years of experience or she just offers sympathy and a hug.

WOW! Someone (aside from an angry resident) actually ~ANSWERED THE DOOR~ at the Chandler mansion!!! Caleb didn't just walk/barge on in through an unlocked door -- he told whoever answered the door to tell JAR that he wanted to see him! I'm STUNNED! How ironic that the gruff mountain man is the only one in town with enough manners to actually knock on a door or ring a bell. THEN he barged on into the living room (barged as in slamming the door open).

Robin "at least he was polite about it" Coutellier

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