Wednesday, September 29, 2010

BC - Mon, 9/27/10

Why would Bianca hire Asher to teach Miranda to do computer stuff and leave her ALONE with him? She has no idea who Asher is. You'd think someone in her position would have a background check done on someone before giving him access to her child/children and unsupervised access to a computer with Cortlandt business files on its hard drive.

eBabe is going to sue for custody of AJ. Gee, what a surpri-- oh, I can't even type it ...

Obviously Erica is about to make a reappearance. I haven't look at her Twitters, but when they mentioned how many people follow her, I had to wonder how many of those followers (on their real-life Twitter account) are fake.

I suspect Ryan was talking on the phone to Jack about Greenlee's legal situation, since Jack and Erica are about to return to town anyway.

Robin "looking refreshed, I'm sure" Coutellier

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