Sunday, September 12, 2010

BC - Thu, 9/9/10

Isn't it possible that David was NOT murdered? It's been speculated that the ME sounds a lot like Vincent Irizarry -- and he DOES. I'm reserving my opinion as to whether he's a) dead, b) took one of his homemade potions to make him APPEAR dead and bribed the ME to go along with it, or c) he paid someone else to get plastic surgery to look like him, then disguised himself as an ME, having drugged the plastic-surgicized (yes, I DID just make that word up) person to make him appear dead.

So they ARE going to do an autopsy in an completely inappropriate room.

Does anyone else keep thinking they are seeing Greenlee when the camera first shows the new Bianca?

The "interrogation" of Ryan keeps getting interrupted because people keep dropping by the PVPD to visit with him. WTF? They are trying to get to the bottom of a possible murder and women keep knocking on the door to talk the person of interest out of cooperating and the police just acquiesce and let them interrupt the questioning! Ryan may not be under arrest at this point, but I'm pretty sure police don't allow people to barge on into interrogation rooms. For that matter, most places nowadays are behind bulletproof glass between the public entrance and the inner workings of the dept and you need to key in a code to get in or be buzzed in, but the PVPD has always been set up like it was in the town of Mayberry RFD in the 1960s.

It's the next day. If Natalia has enough time to take a walk in the park, why doesn't she have enough time to go home and change the clothes she was wearing the night before?

How can Liza book Ryan for murder if they don't have proof yet that David WAS murdered?

Robin "all they know is that he's dead and not even THAT is certain" Coutellier

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