Thursday, September 9, 2010

BC - Wed, 9/8/10

Uh, where IS David's body? I know he can't be in the morgue because Amanda just waltzed on in. So ... it's not the morgue, right? Right. I mean, once they start in with the saws and stuff, blood could mist over to the windows and blinds in the room, which weren't far from the table. If you are going to be doing autopsies, you really want a room that can be easily hosed down, not to mention quite cool. I think it was just a hospital room. That begs the question of why the pathologist was headed toward it, but maybe he was going to wheel David to the morgue himself.

I wonder what the Medical Examiner thought of Amanda. I mean, when he looked at her, did he see an extremely attractive, sexy woman or a "healthy young adult female with no obvious deformities or injuries; approximately __ centimeters in height and __ kilograms in weight; bi-lateral breast implants, serial numbers to be noted at a later date"?

All things considered, David's body should be GUARDED all the time until an autopsy is done. After all, pretty much everyone in town (and OUT of town, for that matter) hated his guts and might have cause to tamper with the body. But nooooo, there's Jake, inspecting the body, hands-on, despite the fact that he went to great lengths to thwart David and have his medical license taken away. Jake is not only one of the top suspects in his own right, but he's strongly attached to some of the other top suspects. And there's Amanda, who has reasons of her own to hate David, even if she is weepy and sentimental about his death. Is anyone else going to visit the body before it gets autopsied?

What is WITH that extra with the little hat at the Yacht Club? She keeps walking back and forth and back and forth and back and forth, usually right past the spot where David's body was. Someone needs to give that woman a Xanax or strap her to a chair or something. Or just boot her out -- she has no business there. I didn't see her carrying any swabs, so I'm pretty sure she's not a member of the Forensics team. She's a member of the Look-At-My-Hat team. She was like one of those battery-operated toy cars that changes direction upon bumping into things, with no particular destination planned, just aimlessly wandering around.

Jesse is concerned about Angie, so Natalia urges him to take the night off assuring him that everyone who needs to be on the case is already hard at work [snort!]. So he does. David Hayward has just been MURDERED and the Chief of Police, who was there at the time, takes the night off at the urging of his rookie detective daughter. Nice. Of course, given the enmity between Jesse and David, it's probably just as well that he DOESN'T work on the case, but shouldn't he be around for other shit since so many other Public Safety personnel will be focusing on the murder? Who's going to hand out speeding tickets, show up after 7-11 robberies, and bust drugged-out teenagers at the boathouse? Oops, no boathouse anymore. Okay, who's going to bust drugged-out teenagers and various sexual deviants prowling that pretty park in the night? Who's going to show up when someone inevitably punches David Hayw-- um, scratch that last one.

Robin "the Props Dept will have to install punching bags and/or clowns at all the PV homes and establishments to take up the slack" Coutellier

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