Sunday, September 5, 2010

BC - Fri, 9/3/10

I don't mind Krystal's belt (although it's a trifle big) but the dress, overall, is kind of blah, at least for HER.

Opal's necklace is HILARIOUS - it's not just multi-stranded, it's MEGA-stranded!

That shimmery dress Bianca is wearing is NOT flattering. It makes her look droopy and bloated. It could be that it's her bad posture, though, and the dress accentuates the effects of said bad posture.

Did you see the white and black dress on the extra in the background? UGH! it look like it has fat dashes around her bust, waist, hips, and thighs. What is that supposed to be, an illustration on how to measure yourself in a Simplicity pattern catalog? And is that a POUCH attached to the front of it? OMG, there are TWO pouches, one at the waist and one at the bust! Put that one on Bianca with her bad posture and it would truly be a disaster! That's an AWFUL dress. The actress is carrying it off, but only because she would probably look good in anything. She's an extra and she wants to call attention to herself, so maybe that was her aim. I DID notice her, after all.

Don't District Attorney's have to run for the office, as opposed to being appointed. If that's not the case everywhere in the US, what is the law in Pennsylvania.

Kudos to the person who predicted that Caleb would soon change his name to Cortlandt! It's a tradition in PV for new-but-related characters to do that, but they hadn't done it for a while.

Robin "Asher Pike Martin Colby Chandler Hubbard Kane Cortlandt" Coutellier

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