Thursday, September 16, 2010

BC - Wed, 9/15/10

Jesse ponders photos of the main suspects (in his mind) of David's murder. Uh, he left out a few key photos; for instance, he should have included an extended-FAMILY photo of his own family. Of course, it could be something as simple as David berating a waiter at the Yacht Club.

I've long thought that the Pine Valley Bulletin was a rag. Don't you just love how they put a close-up of David lying dead on the floor and the photo takes up almost an entire page? We should be glad he wasn't disemboweled or we'd be seeing entrails roped all over the Yacht Club floor. OTOH, if we'd seen THAT we might be slightly more inclined to believe he's REALLY dead. Notice I said more inclined, not CERTAIN.

Greenlee chose to wear THOSE fetish shoes to David's funeral? They made ME think of how she was virtually shackled/bound to him. You'd think she would never want to wear anything at all that would remind her of that.

Is Angie going to pray out loud every day that she's on the show?

Robin "the location of the impromptu wake WAS really thoughtless and tacky" Coutellier

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