Friday, September 24, 2010

BC - Mon-Tue, 9/20-21/10

I'm not impressed with the shrink hypnotizing Ryan. She brings him back to being in the room with David and says he's confronting him. She asks "Are you ANGRY?" Uh, that's leading/planting. She should ask how he feels, not pick a feeling and ask him to verify it.

Greenlee tells Jake that she heard Ryan remember that he loves her. And hearing him say that, she realizes she still loves him, too. Gee, what a shocker. She must be REELING from not one but TWO such profound realizations. Geez, you two, get a room! And lock yourself in it without any cameras and never come out again. Then we'll ALL be happy.

Greenlee tells Jesse that she told David that their whole relationship was a lie. Uh, it was a lie from the moment DAVID starting banking blackmail points and then using them against her. Of course, he DID find out that her faking giving it a try after that all came to light was a lie, but WTF did he EXPECT?

Why are Jesse and Greenlee sitting on the terrace at the Yacht Club reading



So is that park part of a studio back lot or a private estate or do they just keep shutting down parts of a public park to film AMC episodes?

Why would Kendall need a kitchen tour of the penthouse? She used to LIVE there and has contributed on many occasions to the big stain on the floor in front of the fireplace.

Why would Jesse give Greenlee any letters from David to be delivered to ANYONE? That makes no sense whatsoEVER! Not only would the letters need to remain in the chain of custody, but they'd have to be checked for prints, trace-DNA and other forensic and authentication testing. If the police suspect David was murdered, there's no way in HELL those letters would be anywhere but in an evidence locker (LOCK being the operative word) until after a trial. Besides, aren't those letters ~printed~, as opposed to handwritten? How does Jesse know that they weren't planted after the fact? The only handwriting I saw was David's scrawled signature.

In a later scene, Jesse says the lab is still working on the letters. Huh? Then how did Greenlee get the letter to give to Amanda? A copy? Putting it in a copier would also compromise the forensic integrity (snort!) of it. What did she do, take a photo with a phone and then print it?

Why hasn't Jackson come back to support his daughter? He was mad at her, but this kind of thing should trump that. I understand why MARY didn't come back; I'm not sure it would even occur to her to do so.

Robin "did Erica twitter about THAT?" Coutellier

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