Tuesday, September 7, 2010

BC - Tue, 9/7/10, Part 2

Who are some of the suspects in David's death? Let's break it down:

Ryan (obvious choice, so we know it isn't him even though they were just beating each other) - David has hurt pretty much everyone knows. Ryan has a long history with David, going back Gillian. David had made another one of his devil's deals with her when he told her he'd give her money Ryan desperately needed if she would have sex with him. He promised not to tell Ryan. He DID tell Ryan and he kept the money besides (I think). Ryan was one of the people drugged with Libidozone on the yacht party many years ago. David is currently blackmailing Greenlee, the purported love of Ryan's life. David is an asshole.

Greenlee - David has hurt just about everyone she knows. He's blackmailing her into staying married to him and is forever trying to do dastardly things to the purported love of her life, Ryan. He's the reason (sort of) that Erica's plane went down. Mostly it's the emotional abuse, though. David is an asshole.

Angie - David has hurt just about everyone she knows. David has hounded her on the job from day one, both as a doctor and then as a major stockholder/board member. He has also hounded her son and threatened both their jobs. He got the mayor to put Jesse on suspension and tried to get him fired. His drastic cutbacks threaten the health of every person in the hospital and are, in a roundabout way, partially responsible for Angie going blind (in PV logic). Angie hates him for many reasons. Note: Not only did Angie not wear gloves (no excuse), but she had blood on her FACE -- how would gloves have protected her from that? David is a sphincter.

Jesse - David has hurt just about everyone he knows. On a more personal level, David is going after Jesse's family. Jesse hates David with a passion, and he'll hate him even more once he figures out that Angie didn't have gloves immediately available because of David (yes, we know it's her own fault, but that's not going to fly with the Hubbards). David is an asshole.

Frankie - Same reasons as Jesse and Angie, plus his own job is at stake. David is an annoyance.

Randi - She loves the Hubbards and David's constant hassling of them is keeping Frankie from admiring HER 24/7 and spending more money on her. David is an annoyance.

Madison - David tried to get her to spy on Ryan by bribing her with payment of all her bills. She refused. She's loyal to Erica, who helped her when she needed it most, and David almost got Erica killed. She loves Ryan now and David has always treated Ryan badly. Now Ryan is all up in David's face and constantly mixing with Greenlee because of David. David must go so that Ryan can be with MADISON 24/7 and buy her shoes. David is an annoyance.

Erica - David has hurt just about everyone she knows. Erica and David have a VERY long history, good and bad, on the show. He has drugged her (accidentally), kidnapped her, etc. Now he's responsible for framing her via embezzlement of Miranda Foundation funds and he is the main reason behind the circumstances of her plane going down. He was more than willing to send her to jail for the embezzlement and was instrumental in trying to take Fusion away from her. Now he's going after Ryan, who is a very good friend and former (barely) lover. She hates Greenlee, but Greenlee IS Jack's daughter and David is making life miserable for her. David is pathetic.

Jackson - David has hurt just about everyone he knows. David is the reason Erica was being framed and why her plane went down. Greenlee is his daughter and she is very unhappy. He may or may not have found out that she was being blackmailed. David is an asshole.

Jake - Jake HATES David. David has hurt just about everyone he knows. David made Amanda's life HELL and he tried to take their baby away way before she even gave birth. He made a devil's deal with her to have ANOTHER baby with him in order to make him stop trying to get custody of Trevor, even though he knew by then that he was NOT Trevor's biological child. David is always on Jake's case at work and threatening his livelihood. David has made life hell for TWO of Jake's wives (Amanda and Gillian). David has also made life hell for the Martins for years and years and forced Joe Martin to resign. David is an asshole.

Tad - David has hurt just about everyone he knows. The enmity between Tad and David goes back to pretty much the beginning of Dr. Dave coming to town. David had an affair with Dixie and has gone after Tad and JAR for years and years. It's a rare occasion when Tad and David aren't punching each other if they happen to be in the same room although, to be fair, it's usually Tad doing the punching. David helped Dixie to stay undercover in Europe, which ultimately led to neither Tad nor Dixie being able to find their daughter Kathy. David has hounded the Martins, one way or another on a pretty much continual basis. Tad HATES David. David is an asshole.

Liza - David has hurt just about everyone she knows. He DID deliver Colby in an emergency situation, though. Sometimes she and he are on good terms and sometimes they are not. Now he is involving her in his blackmail scheme against Greenlee, although he did put in a good word for Liza with the mayor, resulting in her new job. Even with his good word, though, he could just as easily tell the mayor he has a problem with her and Liza will be out on her uptight ass, so it may be pragmatic to get rid of him while she is still on good terms. She could dispose of the blackmail items and no one would be the wiser. Or she could hold onto them and use them for her own blackmail or evidence purposes. David is an inconvenience.

Damon - David is a mean old man who is also an arch-enemy of Damon's new-found father. Damon is off his meds, which makes him quite impulsive. Nuff said.

Krystal - David has hurt just about everyone she knows. He alienated her from everyone who loved her, married to her and got her addicted to drugs, leading to her temporarily losing custody of Jenny. He's been a terrible father to her daughters, Babe and eBabe. She still loves Tad, David's arch-enemy,although it always has been a rather lukewarm love. David was trying to ruin the life of her best friend, Angie, who is going blind (ostensibly because of David) and is pregnant. She hates him, but not with the same white-hot passion as some others. Krystal has been kind of lukewarm with everyone but Adam. David is tiresome.

JAR - David has hurt just about everyone he knows. Their enmity also goes way back to when JAR was about 13. David split up the happy home of Tad and Dixie. David thought JAR was a punk, a drug addict and a snotty little bastard who was interfering with David's relationship with Dixie (all true). David has been butting heads, often violently, with Tad from day one. David gave a lethal dose of drugs to Adam in order to "save the day". David hung around the tunnels (lived in them for a while) to mess with his family and try to find ways to get custody of AJ. David's unrelenting pursuit of custody of AJ resulted in AJ being placed in foster care for a while (with Angie and Jesse). David paid Amanda to seduce JAR and get him to start drinking again. David kept trying to talk eBabe into leaving JAR. David is an asshole.

For some and/or all of the above reasons or some other reasons, the following people are also suspects:

Bianca (who has recently renounced any loyalty to him)
Mayor Blanco (maybe he now has something on HER)
Asher (we don't know WHY he's here)
Annie (who doesn't really NEED a reason)

JaNut (Amanda's mother)
Tim Dillon (Amanda's brother)
Mary Smythe (Greenlee's mother)
Nurse Gayle
Marian Colby
Maria Santos Grey
Joe Martin
Ruth Martin
Jeff Martin
Jamie Martin
Pretty much ANY Martin
One of the Kennecotts
Happy The Dog
A multitude of lab geeks who did his bidding
And, of course, Anita *

*It's an ongoing joke from many years ago that Anita Santos is to blame for EVERYTHING that goes wrong because she was always saying "It's MY fault!"

Robin "let the murder mystery (such as it is) begin!" Coutellier

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