Friday, September 17, 2010

BC - Thu, 9/16/10

The show started with Ryan remembering/dreaming about the fight preceding David's presumed death. Ryan was being tortured by David saying "Greenlee is mine, Greenlee is mine, Greenlee is mine", ad nauseam. I kept thinking that what SHOULD have been said and repeated was "What the hell kind of name is GREENlee??" [Yes, I know that Greenlee is the surname of Greenlee's maternal grandparents]

In a new role, the biggest since it portrayed Kendall's home pregnancy test, we have a character-prop labeled "Digitalis", making new appearances as often as possible when it really ought to stay hidden, especially when Greenlee, herself, says that her possessions are being searched for evidence.

That is one extremely unflattering top Bianca is wearing. Actually, it kind of looks like TWO unattractive (not to mention bland) tops, ripped up and loosely basted/glued to each other. What did the wardrobe dept do, tell her to twirl around the set while they threw tops at her, vowing to go with however they landed?

Tad says he can't imagine Ryan poisoning David, and he doesn't think Ryan can imagine it, either. Really? This from the man who buried someone alive and tortured him for, what, weeks, before he died in an "oopsy!" moment? Ryan has tied people up plenty of times, and wasn't he part of the group that strung up Richie with a noose and a chair (just to scare him)? Ryan was raised by a man who routinely beat his wife and children. He was a con-man. He's a man who drives motorcycles off of cliffs and callously lets people think he's dead. He was also the man who went to Fight Clubs and almost punched his wife with his clenched FIST! Being a soap hunk/"hero", he has moved from one violent storyline to another for years on end. Hell, he was beating the SHIT out of David minutes before David died! Ryan is a man of impulsive AND planned violence. He's lost his memory on several occasions and had a brain aneurysm. His brain is obviously f**ked up, probably in part due to all the blows to his head (fists, feet, bullets, rocks, pavement, boards and various handy instruments). Even titanium will break eventually. Poisoning should be a piece of cake (so to speak) for him, especially when it comes to protecting his lady-love (the aforementioned near-punchee).

Kendall says Ryan couldn't possibly have used Digitalis to poison David -- how would he even know what the drug would do? Uh, one word: I-N-T-E-R-N-E-T. Oh, looks like she figured that out by the end of the show (via his phone search history). Now the vial of "D" has fingerprints from, at a minimum, Greenlee and Kendall, both of whom are obvious potential suspects.

AJ got into a fight with another kid, who required 11 stitches. The principal discusses it with JAR who bribed him to let it go via an offer of new playground equipment, which makes me wonder why they are sending their precious little heir to a school that's so cash-strapped it can't even afford decent playground equipment. In today's politically correct, zero tolerance atmosphere, I'm surprised Jesse wasn't there arresting AJ.

Okay, THAT much invocation of Leo's name is a pretty good indication that Leo may show up again. And they aren't just showing LEO's photo -- it's a photo of Josh Duhamel playing Leo. I would LOVE to see him on the show again, but I have my doubts he'll return; they couldn't afford him anymore, and he's busy making several movies. However, I could easily see them pulling a JaNut and have him return after extensive plastic surgery, looking like a "new" man. If he does, that would make TWO of her husbands that have returned from the dead (THREE if we assume that David is not really dead and will eventually come back). Greenlee, herself, has returned from the dead. She's not a Black Widow so much as an out-of-control dead/not-dead remote control, not unlike a malfunctioning garage door opener.

Robin "whatever happened to her 'natural look' makeup campaign?" Coutellier

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