Sunday, September 12, 2010

BC - Fri, 9/10/10

Maybe it was just the camera angle, but before they whipped the sheet of of David's body, I had to wonder if they were hiding Fatty Arbuckle under it. Oh, and when the doctor DID take the sheet off, VI moved his head slightly.

Why is it that all the women in Pine Valley hallucinate, especially after someone dies? On rare occasions, men hallucinate, but mostly it's women. As an oft-quoted saying goes: "Them bitches is CRAZY."

If JAR is trying to take over his company, why is Scott drinking at Krystal's instead of going to work and trying to straighten things out, network, wheel and deal, etc. Does his badge not work anymore?

I notice there are STILL decanters in the Chandler living room, despite JAR being an alcoholic and having children running around.

Why was Kendall surprised that someone paid her bail and she's free to go? Wouldn't she have had to go to court to have her bail set in the first place? She apparently has off-camera "high priced lawyers" who arranged bail, so she should have known that she would have been out pretty quickly. You'd think she would know the drill by NOW.

Robin "do people ever get released from the PV jail early due to overcrowding?" Coutellier

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