Friday, September 3, 2010

BC - Mon-Tue, 8/30-31/10

Ryan swears to Kendall that he and Greenlee are over and done and they will NEVER be a couple again. He can't handle it. Blah, blah, blah. How many times have we heard THAT? He and Greenlee and Kendall should all just find a place where polygamy is legal and marry each other, because that's all it's ever going to be. Yeah, Ryan will have sex with multitudes of women, but he ALWAYS ends up with one or the other of them. Always.

I'm seeing a lot of "soap moments" lately. A character enters a room, poses and says something that may or may not be important and there's ... a pause. I think organ music should make a comeback on soaps, because it's really too silly with modern versions of musical undertones. Scott has been particularly noticeable lately in his soapy entrances. It makes it very hard to take him seriously. Not that I ever take him seriously, anyway.

David made electronic trails in setting up Greenlee (calling the pilot from her cellphone, moving money around, etc.). I know we're supposed to believe he can have that all magically disappear, but it's stupid to think that's all possible, especially after this amount of time. Are we supposed to believe that a major phone company doesn't back up their data in innumerable ways and many different locations, nor does a bank or major financial institution? They DO have disaster recovery plans, ya know.

When Scott told Annie that he was glad she liked the dress he gave her because he had a matching one (for Emma), how many of you thought he was going to say he had a matching dress for himself?

Why would JAR and Marissa choose a PUBLIC RESTAURANT to tell AJ that they are splitting up? People sometimes do that to break up with others, hoping that the other person will have the good taste not to "make a scene". That often doesn't go well, with someone ending up with a drink or food all over them or a screaming matching (or a gun makes an appearance), so why would they put a 6-year-old through getting news like that in public? It may be Grandma's restaurant, but it's STILL a restaurant.

Caleb is awfully blase about the fact that smoke-afflicted Miranda, who is limp in his arms, may or may not be breathing as he tells Angie (who is, naturally, having a blind moment (and possibly a blond moment)) that SHE must save Miranda.

Robin "would you please resuscitate this near-dead child on your way out? Thanks." Coutellier

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