Sunday, September 5, 2010

BC - Wed-Thu, 9/1-2/10

I'm still catching up. In my listings for Tivo on Friday, only a portion of the description shows for the list of recorded shows, and you see more of the info when you click on that particular show. So for Friday it says: "Ryan blows Madison". Shouldn't that be the other way around?

Liza has an office? Since when?

If the mansion is on fire, why don't Angie and Caleb take Miranda outside until the emergency personnel arrive?

What's with all the big, clunky rings on Greenlee's hand? Nothing makes a hand look feminine, dainty and sexy like HUGE blobs of silver that would take silverware settings for four melted down to make. They look like something you would find in a bin in the plumbing section of a hardware store.

Madison has been flat broke for quite some time now and it's been a part of her storyline ever since she came back to PV. So why did she spend a bunch of money on expensive cufflinks for Ryan?

Liza tells David that she's trying to start a practice and that being associated with HIM is not exactly the best calling card. WTF? Didn't she represent him in the past for the express purpose of making a name for herself by winning his case? It was supposed to make her FAMOUS!

Why is Ryan acting like all will be revealed (against David) at the party when no one has actually gotten the information from Liza's office yet and they don't know exactly what will BE in the file (or if it's even a "file")? For all they know, the key goes to a locker in Grand Central Station or someone's diary.

Angie might want to start getting some training on how to cope with being blind BEFORE the baby arrives. She needs to learn how to use a cane and how to read Braille, among other life skills.

Someone should really tell Madison that she got a piece (like an entire unspooled roll) of toilet paper stuck across the front of her dress when she left the bathroom.

If Ryan can pick the lock on Liza's office, why couldn't he just pick the lock on whatever it is that needs to be unlocked within the office instead of Greenlee taking the risk of finding the key and bringing it to him?

Someone should also tell Madison that she accidentally put on someone else's hair extensions, because they are a completely different color from her own hair. Actually, they look more like a really blond Daniel Boone hat.

Robin "it's so easy to be a fashion critic when one has no fashion sense whatsoever" Coutellier

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