Thursday, September 16, 2010

BC - Mon-Tue, 9/13-14/10

Kendall accused Greenlee of intending to send Erica to prison. Greenlee, who was "coming clean" about everything to Kendall and Bianca, said: "No!" Uh, YES. She absolutely, unequivocally intended for Erica to go to prison; I remember she and David discussing it and chortling gleefully over the prospect.

Amanda, Jake and Tad go over papers David filed in an effort to get rid of Angie. Tad says that it's too bad she chose to continue to practice medicine even though she was losing her sight. Jake: "She should lose her CAREER over this?" Uh, YES. I don't have a hate-on for Angie -- I like her a lot, in fact, but she DID screw up.

If someone is about to be fired for practicing medicine while blind, why would having all her friends there to testify as to what a good person she is make a difference? Why would they all be allowed in the ROOM, even? It's not like it's a public court hearing. If they are going to speak on her behalf, it should be one person at a time with the others waiting in a different room. And Greenlee SHOULD be there, considering that she is on the Board (or a proxy should be there for her; she WAS widowed only the night before, so I imagine they could cut her some slack). Does the Hospital Board consist of only three people?

Now all Angie's friends and family are clapping for her after she defends herself. Angie stands there, noble in her refusal to accept being "handicapped". It was a nice speech, but is that really the place for her own entourage to be applauding her as if she just gave a rousing valedictorian speech? And her being handicapped is not the issue. She didn't fess up to it and put the hospital and patients at risk. She also, most likely, put others at risk of catching whatever she has. They made a point after a LONG time to say it was not contagious from HER, but they made a HUGE point of the fact that it was EXTREMELY contagious from the patient from whom she caught it. As she stood there looking noble and self-righteous, I thought of the speech Otter gave in Animal House and how all his frat brothers stood up and hummed the national anthem as they marched out in a self-righteous huff of American pride, which had nothing whatsoever to do with the issue at hand.

Why aren't a bunch of OTHER doctors and medical personnel in the peanut gallery? Yes, there are letters, but the presence of someone other than her friends and family might indicate that someone cares enough to do more than write a letter or sign a petition.

Why didn't JAR call eBabe when he realized AJ was missing, if only to find out if AJ went to HER?

Ryan bursts into the penthouse and informs Madison that he didn't do it -- he's FREE! Hold on there, Ryan -- you didn't BEAT him to death, but there's nothing to indicate yet that you didn't manage to get a lethal dose of Digitalis into him.

If Ryan was arrested for murder, wouldn't they have gotten a search warrant to search his place immediately?

Madison must have left the hearing the second she finished praising Angie, because the hearing was still going on when Madison was at Ryan's place.

Why did the Board make JAKE read the letter from David? That's just plain STUPID and totally unexplained. Was it so that the actors playing board members wouldn't have to be paid for the number of lines that needed to be spoken?

A vial (an empty vial) of Digitalis was in Ryan's coat pocket. You KNOW it was planted.

I wonder if Mayor Blanco had anything to do with dosing David. Yes, she was pugnaciously in David's corner in all things, but what if he had something on HER, too? Maybe she was sick and tired of doing his bidding, politically speaking. So why would she plant the vial in Ryan's pocket? Why not? At least it's not HER pocket.

Then again, the medical access to liquid Digitalis steers it back toward Nurse Gayle. Of course, ANYONE in town can get access to ANYTHING they want, one way or another, so that puts the Digitalis ball back in everyone's court.

In an AMC historical note, Digitalis was used to kill off David Thornton back around 1978. David Thornton was also a doctor (and cardiologist at that, I think). He tried to kill Edna Thornton by putting Digitalis in her wine. He was treating her for heart problems and he thought he could get away with it because the Digitalis would be untraceable (apparently they've figured out how to trace it since then) and it would mimic (or cause) a heart attack . He and Edna were distracted by something and little Dottie Thornton (6) playing around, almost drank from it, then quickly put the glass back, inadvertently trading the places of the wineglasses. David died from a heart attack brought on by massive dose of Digitalis.

Robin "in Pine Valley heart doctors named 'David' are doth destined to die due to dreaded Digitalis" Coutellier

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