Monday, April 6, 2009

BC - Fri, 4/3/09

I missed the first minute or so due to a special report. It rejoined with Annie telling Aidan she knows she killed someone else and is sure of it. What did Annie see/remember to make her think this? I gather she had a dream of some sort.

Annie wonders why Aidan sticks with her. He says he loves her. WHY????? WTF is WRONG with him? What part of her is the lovable part, other than, perhaps, her nether regions which, let's face it, he can get from any number of sources that aren't necessarily homicidal and psychopathic and don't come with enough baggage to buckle the carousel at an international airport.

I still don't believe Aidan is constantly going in and out of Annie's room at Oakhaven, having sex with her and giving her frequent psychiatric counseling sessions, yet we NEVER see an actual DOCTOR come in, and no one but Tori even suspects that he's ever been there -- and Tori is imaginary (confirmed by the end of today's show).

Oh look, Tori does have different clothes (a yellow sweater vs a blue one)! I guess even imaginary people like to wear different colors occasionally. The yellow is very Easter-ish.

Did I miss something? David said Ian RECENTLY underwent a sternotomy to have a hole in his heart repaired. When did that happen? What's his definition of "recently"? I'm pretty sure I would remember Kendall and Zach agonizing over THAT or, at the very LEAST, mentioning it in passing, but all we've seen is Kendall coming out of her coma, driving around in another state and killing her best friend, and then f**king Ryan over and over again, leaving her children with others most of the time. Am I missing a big chunk of time? Do I have Alzheimers? I'm guessing he's talking about something that was done when Ian was first born, but if that's the case, they should clarify it. The word "recently" has a whole different meaning when you are talking about a toddler vs an adult or even a 3-yr-old.

Oh, I SOOOOO wanted to just slug Ryan in the belly with a mallet when he told Erica he's going to the hospital to make sure Zach isn't going to try to use baby Ian's illness to manipulate Kendall. WTF???? That's EXACTLY what Ryan is doing in going to the hospital -- using the baby's condition to manipulate Kendall AND Zach and to stick it to Zach when Zach is at his most vulnerable!

There's been a lot of speculation for quite a while now that David Hayward might be murdered. And that's just been on the internet -- now even PETEY voiced a concern about it within the show. I'm beginning to think that's not going to happen, though. Now I think RYAN is the one who will be murdered and it will be at the hands of fed-up AMC fans. One day he'll open his mouth and say and/or do something and the fans, in a single moment of clarity, will collectively say:

"THAT'S IT!!!"

Everything that has ever gone wrong in our entire lives will suddenly coalesce into that one moment in time and that one character. If David Hayward gets killed, it will only be because he wasn't fast enough to get out of the way and was crushed by the stampede of pissed-off fans (no doubt carrying torches and pitchforks) who are trying to get to RYAN. At the very LEAST, Ryan will get a thong wedgie that he'll NEVER forget! He'll be singing soprano and trying to dig that thong out of his butt-crack for the rest of his life!

Aidan researches something on the internet and discovers that a little girl named Tori Atherton went missing in 1987. So Annie either had something to do with it or she IS Tori. I wish they wouldn't go that route (of missing children). It's very upsetting with so many of them in the news. It's also upsetting to be constantly reminded of how bad the economy is. I watch AMC to ESCAPE reality, not to be reminded of it at every turn.

How did the hospital rule out anything based on STUART'S medical records? It makes NO SENSE that Adam was able to check in as Stuart and get by with STUART'S medical records. Stuart hasn't had any strokes, only Adam has. Why is the doctor even talking to JAR and Tad? It's a matter of public record that Stuart is married to Marian, so wouldn't they need HER permission to talk to anyone else? I suppose I could fanwank it so that Adam, pretending to be Stuart, told the hospital it was okay to talk to JAR about it, or even that Marian and Stuart are in on it and playing along, but this whole thing is just plain STUPID.

And now Adam has a "mood disorder"? Are they going an Uncle Junior (The Sopranos) route with him, giving him real or pretend Alzheimers? Wait a second! Are he and Stuart swapping in and out of the hospital? No, Stuart wouldn't be drawing Erica; but Adam has never exhibited the slightest interest in drawing things, whereas Stuart has been a lifelong artist. Hmmmmm. Maybe there's a THIRD brother or Adam has multiple personalities (pardon me -- Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID)). Okay NOW it's starting to at least get slightly interesting.

Adam looks HOT in street clothes! JUMP HIM, ERICA!

Robin "TWO Alzheimers & TWO Soprano references in ONE Boogie Chillen!" Coutellier

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