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BC - Tue, 4/21/09

The little actress playing Emma was TOTALLY not into Ryan today. He makes a big deal about getting her off to school and demanding not one, but TWO kisses and a hug. She just stands there, unmoving, as he draws her into his arms. He asks for a hug, then hugs her. She doesn't move her arms in the slightest :-) Then, good parent that he is, he sends her "straight down to the bus", literally shoving her out the door and quickly shutting it so that he doesn't see Annie who is waiting VERY CLOSE BY in the hallway. The bus is apparently waiting downstairs for her. They live in the f**king PENTHOUSE. She's going to have to take the elevator down by herself.

Why didn't David bring a needle with him to confront Adam at the mansion? I'm assuming he was trying to shoot him up with sodium pentothal or something similar that could be classed as "truth serum". Talk about a missed opportunity!

Erica looked FABULOUS today! I'm still fighting over the disbelief about her new breasts, which she has popping out of her outfits on a regular basis now, but I'm not sure how much of that is judging a 60+ woman for getting and flaunting such amazing implants or just plain envy. I suppose if I looked that good, I'd flaunt them too!

Why did Annie bring Emma to the same park where everyone else in PV goes? And why did she bring a big, house-shaped picnic basket? I might veer out of my way to admire that if *I* were strolling in the park.

Ryan calls Jesse because Annie took Emma. He doesn't KNOW that. Given that he just shoved her out the door and practically slammed it shut on her, ANYBODY could have taken her. He's RIGHT, but still ... Then he gets all self-righteous about Annie escaping THREE TIMES from Oakhaven. Again, he shoved Emma out the door and left her alone in the hallway where, coincidentally, he still keeps a key under a flowerpot, KNOWING that Annie had escaped at least TWICE up to that point AND that Annie was hellbent on seeing Emma. He needs some Daddy-The-PROTECTOR lessons.

Emma shows back up at the penthouse and Jesse glances out the door and says "no sign of Annie". FGS, WTF is WRONG with these people? I don't hear Jesse on the phone telling his people to BOLO for her at, oh, I don't know, the DOORS TO THE BUILDING or the street or even in PV as opposed to Illinois or Memorial Park.

Krystal was pretty rude just barging into the Marissa Tasker's massage room. Not only did she cut into a paying customer's time, but she jeopardized Marissa's job. Sure enough, Marissa is fired because of Krystal. Krystal, who has had to live hand-to-mouth for most of her life, should at least understand WHY Marissa has to work there and respect that fact. She also could have offered to pay for the bill of the appointment she ruined, along with a generous tip/bribe to the owner of the massage parlor, even if the owner IS an asshole. Just because Krystal doesn't think Marissa should have to work there does not, as Marissa pointed out, change the fact that Marissa NEEDS the job. I'm sure Krystal will get her a more respectable job in PV, somehow (maybe having David employ her at PVH), but that's beside the point. It's not UP to Krystal and she has no right to interfere with Marissa's job. Now they are BOTH caught in a raid. That probably won't look good for Krystal's custody arrangements about Jenny.

Looks like David made off with a bottle of Adam's prescription pills. Uh-oh.

WTF is up with the sudden appearance of GUNS in the hands of PV citizens? First Jake pulls one on David and now Ryan barges into the Pine Cone Motel room and holds one on Aidan and Annie! Of course, Annie DOES keep kidnapping Emma, so I can kind of see Ryan's side, but I'm getting alarmed at how EASILY the guns are suddenly appearing. This is Chuck Pratt-hole's doing, no doubt about it, and I do NOT like where this trend is going. Also, as it is often pointed out lately on the Pine Valley Podcast, there is also a trend now for the women of PV to be treated like dirt, disrespected, called sluts, bitches and whores etc. I can see where it at least fits in with the massage parlor boss's character to keep flinging crap like that around, but this is very disturbing that Pratt feels so free to be so misogynistic so OFTEN. This headwriter MUST go!

Speaking of Chuck Pratt, I'm sure many of you have heard about the Pratt Falls series of animations on YouTube making fun of Chuck Pratt and the show's producer, Julie Hanan Carruthers. This has been discussed in RATSA, but I'm including this for those of you who might not have read those posts (if you read this via the website, for instance). They are HYSTERICAL! They are produced via a text-to-movie method at, so the voices are mechanical and the characters boxy, but ANYONE can do it! The people making the Pratt Falls videos are doing it EXTRA well! As many of you also know, Chuck Pratt has greatly angered fans recently because he's blaming Eden Riegal's departure for the horrid way they handled Reese and Bianca's relationship, marriage and immediate breakup, leaving Tamara Braun (Reese) without a storyline. The fact is that Eden Riegal was not SUPPOSED to be back for more than a few months -- it was in her CONTRACT. Most internet-savvy fans already knew that even before she came back, but Chuck Pratt is saying he was surprised and left in a lurch because she left. The Pratt Falls series basically rips him a new one over that in a wickedly funny way. There's a pretty funny parody of the sex-on-the-gaming-table scene with Liza and Zach, too. If you have an issue with clicking links like the one above to the Pratt Falls series, just go to Youtube and search for "pratt falls" or the poster, "grrarrgghh".

Regarding my reference earlier to Julie Chandler's button hat, it was a running joke on for a while back in the 1980s because one day she showed up wearing a black hat with colorful buttons sewn onto every square inch of it. It looked ABSURD, but it was apparently fashionable at the time, or at least someone HOPED it would be fashionable. We got a LOT of mileage out of that one and I was hoping someone else would remember it and get the joke. Sorry, I should have explained it

Robin "unfashionably unfashionable" Coutellier

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