Monday, April 6, 2009

BC - Mon, 4/6/09

WTF? At the end of Friday's show Annie thanks God that Aidan is there as he envelopes her in his strong, manly arms; then she introduces him to Tori, who Annie thought was sitting in a chair. Aidan saw that there was no one there and said so. Annie was actually TALKING to the imaginary Tori. When TODAY'S show opened, however, Annie thanks God that Aidan is there as he envelopes her in his strong, manly arms, and tells Aidan Tori's been helping her out; then she is surprised because Tori has apparently left the room. Can't they keep their story straight from one SECOND to the next??? This reminds me of the movie MISERY where Annie (hmmm) Bates gets incensed because when she was a kid they showed a serial cliffhanger at the theater with a man going over a cliff in a car, but in the next installment the following week, the man was no longer in the car. "HE DIDN'T GET OUT OF THE COCK-A-DOODY CAR!!!" That's what AMC is doing!

Oh look, there ARE actually people who work at Oakhaven that have access to Annie's room! Two orderlies came in to tackle her. Then Annie's cute doctor (whom we haven't seen for quite some time) comes in and asks Aidan what happened, so at least we aren't imagining AIDAN. Unless, of course, this is all AIDAN'S imagination. Maybe if Annie's doctor showed up more than once a month or so he'd have an idea of what happened. Then he mentions how they've given Aidan great leeway in visiting Annie because it seems to be helping. I hope that leeway includes condoms! How could the doctor POSSIBLY sanction Aidan having sex with a criminally insane patient because it seems to be helping her mental clarity?

Colby complains that her own brother doesn't trust her to protect her father, yet Petey shows up in the park with a shovel, ready to bury a body (he was anticipating the murder of David Hayward since Colby was so mad at David). She asks what's wrong with the picture. The sick part is that she doesn't seem to think the wrong part was Petey's complete willingness to help her bury a body, no questions asked. Petey is like a blank slate, ready to be filled with whatever the writers feel like scribbling on any given day. He has no moral compass whatsoever, and no feelings, either, other than a) an all-consuming (not to mention inexplicable) passion for Colby, and b) embarrassment over his mother. Even his feelings for Colby must be wishy-washy, considering he was willing to sacrifice himself only a day or so before to marry Amanda in order to give Amanda's baby his name. He's not evil, nor is he good. He's not even in-between! He's just THERE, living from moment to moment. The actor has great comedic timing and often steals the scene, but the character is more disjointed than a rubber chicken. He's like water, just flowing around and having it's course altered by slight changes in the landscape.

Would a shrink REALLY have to "report everything back to the DA" in the case of someone who may or may not be criminally insane? If Annie is being treated to get to the point of being competent to stand trial, would the DETAILS of everything she says during treatment be admissible in court? How do they know if anything she says right NOW is the truth if she's not "cured" yet? Is the good doctor going to mention that she's having frequent sex with Aidan while under lockdown and "in treatment" and that it seems to be helping?

Ian is under sedation and has just had heart surgery -- should he REALLY be sleeping on his BELLY? He could stop breathing and not be able to lift his head. Besides that, it must hurt his poor little chest to have that kind of pressure put on it. For that matter, how DO they keep a toddler from busting stitches after open-heart surgery? Do they have to put him in a little body cast, at least for the chest area?

Robin "would someone PLEASE send Ryan to the PVH Ebola Ward to distribute Jello?" Coutellier

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