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BC - Thu, 4/23/09, Part 1

I know the BCs have been long lately. I need an outlet and a distraction, though, and AMC makes it SOOOO easy. This one is so long that I'm breaking it into two parts just to make it easier to read.

JAR insists the doctor finish his valve-replacement trials by the end of the week. WTF? The doctor says he won't compromise the lives of his patients. JAR says money is the bottom line and that the Chandlers now OWN the doctor AND his valve, so he'd better do as they say. You KNOW that's going to come back and bite the Chandlers in the butt. And based on the rumors, I can pretty much guess the gist of what's going to happen. Just in time for May sweeps.

When JAR was insisting that the heart valve (which I was under the impression was still in the design phase) had to be finished testing and ready to sell by the end of the week, did anyone else think of the new TV show Better Off Ted? It's pretty funny! It takes place in a business conglomerate (Veridian) that doesn't exactly value the lives of its employees or its customers (to an absurd degree). Pushing an artificial heart valve into production a week after the idea is conceived would be SOP. In fact, that would be considered to be behind schedule. And it would probably be made out of some mystery goo that could as versatile as Brown 25. THERE'S an old reference for you -- it doesn't have anything to do with AMC, though. So, who wants to step up first with the slogan that ended every commercial for Brown 25? Off the top of your head -- no fair Googling it!

I guess it doesn't occur to JAR (or Adam) that the money they make with the heart valve will disappear in the face of all the lawsuits that will be filed if it isn't ready or tested well enough. You'd think at least Adam would keep that in mind, given the Fusion fiasco. Of course, Adam isn't thinking very clearly these days.

Well, now we know where Natalia went. She moved in with Randi at Frankie's request. I wonder if Randi had any say about it.

Krystal asks Angie to go with her to Wildwind to get her stuff. Tad butts in and says he'll do it, because Krystal should stay away from Hayward. Oh yeah, THAT will go over well. Let's see, who is the ONE PERSON that David hates most in the WORLD? Tad? PERFECT -- as long as he volunteered, let's send HIM over!

If Ryan is so worried about Emma being kidnapped, why isn't he WITH EMMA? I know, I know, some police personnel are supposed to be guarding her, but you'd think RYAN would want to hover near her during this time of crisis instead of hanging around the police station badgering everyone about finding Annie, whisper-shouting and glaring at Aidan. How much you want to bet the key to the penthouse is STILL under the flowerpot? The next time she goes to school he'll probably shove the poor little rich girl out into the hallway alone again. Her next play-date with Kathy is probably going to consist of Emma sitting at a desk and taking notes as Kathy, with Power Point presentation and a laser pointer, takes her through the finer points of being a Bad Seed, passing along inside secrets. I wonder how long it will be before Emma starts smoking and shoplifting.

Don't they have interrogation rooms at the PVPD? They "modernized" it some time back. You'd think they would at least have some enclosed cubicles rather than Jesse's office. Or IS it Jesse's office? It sure as hell isn't a standard interrogation room. There's WAAAAAY too many things in Jesse's office that a) can be used as weapons by criminals, b) have to do with paperwork, filing, computing, etc., that can be destroyed or divulged to criminals, and c) the office is NOT private. They have blinds (which can also be used as weapons), and a door -- that's it. Ryan is standing right outside the office where Aidan is talking to HIS LAWYER. Ryan can see everything Jackson is saying. Maybe someone should remind the PVPD that Ryan's former father-in-law is deaf and Ryan may have developed an interest in lip-reading while married to Annie. Hell he might have done that just from his con-man days.

Here's a novel idea: Lock AIDAN up for insanity. I'm serious. I'm listening to him justify Annie to Jack. Jack reminds him of all of Annie's crimes. Aidan is aghast that she would have to go on trial because she's INNOCENT. WTF? No. She is NOT innocent. I'm beginning to think Aidan is having some kind of breakdown in reaction to losing Greenlee, first to Ryan and then to death, although I think he might know that the body that was found was NOT Greenlee. After all, someone DID switch the DNA report and, unlike Ryan and Kendall, he DID look under the tarp at the morgue. He was helping Annie before that, though. He helped her kidnap Emma quite a while ago, although he WAS pissed at Ryan. Maybe his need to get back at Ryan is behind all of this.

JAR asks Scott what life is like for him at night in bed and suggests he GET a life. Uh, a guy that looks like THAT is not going to have any trouble finding someone to go to bed with him. There's also no shortage of women who would appreciate his ideals and would probably fall in love with him fairly easily. Money may or may not come later. JAR can attract women with cash and power, but once they find out what an ASSHOLE he is (not to mention the alcoholic part), they're not going to stick around unless the only thing they are interested in is money. Money certainly has it's place, but it can't buy a decent personality. JAR has "junior syndrome". He is never, EVER going to feel like he measures up to his father's expectations, and he's going to punish everyone around him for it for the rest of his life. Of course, we haven't seen all that much of Scott since he returned to town, but he seems like a good guy on the surface, even with some flaws. They don't appear (yet) to be massive, GAPING flaws like JAR has. He may be a player when it comes to the ladies, though.

Robin "see part 2 for more on the player thing" Coutellier

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