Sunday, April 12, 2009

BC - Wed-Thu, 4/8-9/09

I don't care HOW long Angie and Tad have been friends -- blabbing about Krystal not being able to have any more children is NONE of his f**king business AND it's against the law!

How many times does this make that Tad is involved in helping people to hide their child from the other parent? Let's see, there's the ultimate one (over and over) of Dixie and Adam's baby (JAR), there's helping Liza escape with Colby so Adam wouldn't have her, there's helping Babe and Jamie abscond with Little Adam (aka Jimmy, aka Ace) so JAR and Adam wouldn't have him (not to mention NOT telling Bianca that Bess was really Miranda), and now he's going to help Jake and Amanda run away and hide her and her baby from David. There are probably more that I'm forgetting. Maybe Tad should open a new agency called "We Hide Your Babies So You Don't Have To" (with a nod to The Pine Valley Podcast).

If Jake wants a new identity for him and Amanda so that they can disappear, why is he getting his new (fake) identity papers AT A BAR WHERE EVERYONE IN TOWN GOES?

Why would the school send Emma home without contacting Ryan first, even if Corrina WAS with them on the field trip? And why didn't CORRINA call Ryan to let him know instead of just barging in with Emma?

I think AMC chose the wrong number of people for JAR to say he laid off -- either that or he misspoke. While 500 people lost their jobs, Chandler Enterprises is supposed to be a BIG company -- laying off 500 people to save a conglomerate that's circling the drain isn't going to cut it. Usually that means THOUSANDS of people lose their jobs.

Isn't Annie even a little bit curious about what happened to Tori's body after Richie killed her? The last we saw, her father was at the top of the stairs calling her name as she stood over the body with a baseball bat. Aidan is pretty cocksure of his diagnosis of Annie as no longer being dangerous just because she had ONE breakthrough just last night, and he insists that she knows ALL the answers now. Uh, no, she DOESN'T. And Ryan is supposed to take AIDAN'S word that she's all better now? Does her doctor even KNOW that she's had this epiphany?

I think they forgot that Ian was awake and babbling (which he could only do on his back or side), because between one sentence of Kendall's and the next he apparently rolled back onto his belly and was out like a light.

Robin "ah, to have the uncluttered sleep of a tot!" Coutellier

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