Friday, April 24, 2009

BC - Thu, 4/23/09, Part 2

Amanda doesn't KNOW that David is the baby's father yet. They are basing that info on the size and development of the baby. I'm sure that can be fairly accurate these days, BUT there has not been a DNA test yet. They could do that pre-natal blood test that Bianca had to prove Michael Cambias was the father of her baby. I think it had to do with cells the baby sheds that get into the mother's bloodstream via the umbilical cord.

David catches Tad wearily walking down the stairs with a couple of suitcases. David says: "You Martins just don't understand the meaning of boundaries, do you? What did you do, pick the lock?" Oh THAT'S rich, coming from someone who pops up unexpectedly more often and more easily than a Whack-A-Mole. OTOH, he's right about the Martins and boundaries.

I know I bring this up all the time, but I can't help myself. Why is it that whenever anyone (particularly women) move out or send for their things, they only have one or two suitcases? Krystal has a never-ending supply of clothes, push-up bras and makeup, not to mention God knows what else. You'd think she'd need a Bekins van to move her stuff from husband to husband, but she never takes more than those one or two suitcases. And women never take anything like, for instance, a can-opener, their CD collection, or their laptop. We need to see a scene line the one in The Jerk, where Navin Johnson leaves, taking an ashtray, a paddle ball, a remote control, some matches, a magazine, a lamp and a chair. I think PV sells MAGIC suitcases. Like magicians' hats, they are full of a never-ending supply of whatever personal items might be needed at any given time. I wonder if her magic suitcase has a vial of happy pills or perhaps some Carnation Instant Milk packets.

NOW who is Randi stealing broadband from? I suppose the Yacht Club would have wireless, but why does she keep having these very private webcam discussions with him in public places? And how is she getting such a perfect camera angle on herself? Her head is way up past the edge of the laptop, even with the webcam at the top of the screen. Even if she DID have it tilted at the right angle to get her whole face in view, it would still be coming from an angle BELOW her face, not straight on and model perfect. She looks like she's in a Maybeline commercial.

Annie has been spotted getting on a plane from London to the Maldives. They don't have an extradition treaty with the US, so they (they being the U.S.) will have to wait until she steps somewhere that DOES have an extradition treaty or she's back on U.S. soil. Since when has jurisdiction ever been an issue for the PVPD or District Attorney or anyone else in PV?

Oh Puh-LEEZE! Randi is a former HOOKER and it hasn't been very long at ALL since she switched careers! She can't tell when a man who wants to get into her pants is putting the moves on her? Scott may or may not be a good guy, but he obviously doesn't care that she's a newlywed, and he's being WAY more than just a friendly guy trying to cheer her up. She should have nicely told Scott to take a hike as soon as he started flirting with her, not ENCOURAGING him! In fact, she usually gets hostile when guys pay attention to her. Then Frankie reappears on screen and sees Scott leaning in and intimately spoonfeeding some dessert to Randi, who's leaning right back toward him. Does this mean we're going to have yet another "he's just a friend and you can't tell me who I can be friends with" storyline? She can toss in the added consternation of not ever again being told what to do like her pimp used to do. In ONE episode Randi manages, with her street smarts, to physically get the best of Natalia, who's practicing perp-cuffing on her, and at the same time get sucked into heavily flirting and having a meal with a total stranger. Even with a John she'd be deliberately performing so it's not like it's an old habit dying hard

Robin "Randi's behavior is WAY out-of-character" Coutellier

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