Thursday, April 30, 2009

BC - Mon, 4/27/09

Yeah, I'm REALLY late on the Boogies. I've had a tough, busy week, but I'm just now starting to watch Monday's show, so here it is.

Colby asks Adam if he ever loved Liza, and he explained that they were probably too much alike and there's not enough room for TWO alpha wolves in the same den, among other things. Then he kindly says: "Why are you asking about this now?" Was I the only one who automatically added one or more of the punchlines to the old Indian joke about naming children? There are different versions, but the gist of the joke is that a child asks how they got their name. The father tells them that either they were named after whatever was happening when they were conceived or by the first thing the father saw when he ran out of the tent upon their birth. The punchlines that *I* know of are a) "But why do you ask, Broken Rubber?", and b) "But why do you ask, Two Dogs F**king?" :-) So I'm trying to think of Colby's Indian name. "But why do you ask, Sperm Switch?" Or perhaps: "But why do you ask, Massive Flooding And Washed Out Bridges?" Of course, there's always the old (true) tradition by changing the name to their current personality or accomplishments: "But why do you ask, Hopelessly Bad Actor?"

Annie's, Ryan's homicidal, kidnapping ex-wife, on the loose. Ryan is VERY much on edge. The doorbell rings and Ryan just walks over and yanks open the door. Idiot. It's just someone delivering a package, but you'd think he wouldn't even ACCEPT a package at this stage. God knows what Annie might think to have delivered to him. She could send him a fresh human heart as a Valentine. Then he reads the return address:


I kid you NOT. BWAHAHAHAHAAAA! I think I laughed for a good 30 seconds over THAT one! Wait a minute. It's from Alexander Cambias. I thought he was captured in Las Vegas, not Pennsylvania. Am I missing something. They DID ping-pong back and forth. I wonder if that's the actual name of the Institute (misspelling and all) or if that was AC's joke.

I thought AC was catatonic and b) he was CHOOSING not to talk, because if he did it would show that he was faking. It wasn't that he COULDN'T talk, it was that he WOULDN'T talk.

And they show AC sitting in a cell somewhere grinning. The walls of that cell are plastered with front pages of the PV Bulletin listing the exploits of the Satin Slayer. Yeah, like the Eastern Pennsylvania Institue (sic) of the Criminally Insane would allow THAT. Then again, look at what they named their Institue.

Bianca emotes about how UTTERLY sorry she was that she decided to have a baby with Zach and brought Reese to PV and look at what happened! Kendall tells her she couldn't have predicted what happened. Uh, yeah, she COULD have predicted it -- at least the part about breaking up a marriage and royally pissing off her sister!

Robin "but why do you ask, Back Stabbing Sister-Betraying Bitch?" Coutellier

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