Friday, May 1, 2009

BC - Tue-Wed, 4/28-29/09

Why did Kendall go to the park to get fresh air in the outdoors when they have acres of greenery all around the Slater house (and a pond)? Based on the incessant downtown horns they were so fond of piping in a while back, we know that the park is in the middle of the bustling metropolis of downtown PV. And we also know from views from atop the Chandler building that they have 5-lane one-way streets. That means Kendall had to go to great lengths to get to the park. Oh wait, she went there to meet Ryan. Funny, the air doesn't smell so "fresh" to ME.

Is it just me, or does Opal look like she's wearing a belt made out of pebbly duct tape?

Krystal and David sure do know how to sling euphemisms around. David tells Marissa that he and Krystal recently "found their way back to each other." Marissa says that Krystal told her that she had married her "old flame". Uh, they had ONE drunken shag after a frat party in the early 1980s. (I seem to recall she had come to the party with David's roommate, who then dumped her for another girl and David found her crying in their room. If they had been any drunker, they would have missed each other, tipped over, and accidentally shagged the furniture instead. That's hardly "finding their way back to each other" OR being "old flames". It was more like a brief, one-time exchange of bodily fluids. He didn't even remember her and I'm amazed SHE remembered HIM.

Kendall reacted to Ryan's angst about not seeing any remorse in Alexander Cambias' eyes and offered sympathy: "I'm sorry! I'm really, REALLY sorry!" Was I the only one who was surprised when she didn't immediately add: "But what about ME???"

I was watching Stuart on Wednesday's show and it occurred to me that some newer viewers not not have noticed that his left collar was sticking out. That's his trademark. What a lot of people might not know is that the REASON Stuart's left collar is always sticking out is because Stuart has a nervous, little-boyish habit of tugging on the bottom of that side of his sweater so that the collar keeps popping out. David Canary explained that once in an interview.

I don't remember if it ever came out to anyone but the viewers, but AMC *SHOWED* a gloved hand replacing the peanut butter in Winifred's SHOPPING CART when her back was turned. The poison was NOT put into the peanut butter at the Chandler house, so if they come up with another way to further the CURRENT storyline, they will be re-writing show history, aka LYING because they think we won't notice. Tad and Jesse were discussing how ANYONE could have gotten into the Chandler mansion via the tunnels. Hello, it was SHOWN THAT IT HAPPENED AT THE GROCERY STORE!

Kendall tells Ryan she loves only HIM and no one else. He says: "And what if I don't believe you?" She says: "Then believe THIS!" She grabs him and starts passionately kissing him. Ummm, isn't that kind of what split them up to begin with? She had desperately tried to get him to make love to her in a really pathetic manner. Sex is her way of diverting attention from the issue at hand. She's not frantic and doesn't have a note of hysteria this time, but she's STILL using sex to get her way and try to convince one or both of them that she really loves Ryan only.

Robin "same shit, different day" Coutellier

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