Friday, May 8, 2009

BC - Wed, 5/6/09

Ah, THERE'S the "I'm going to Germany!" I was looking for!

JAR says Ian is 2 years old. Not quite. He was born in late July of 2007.

Amanda has fond memories of her and Jake. She remembers the time she wore the pirate outfit with the parrot on her shoulder. She also remembers wearing Brot's uniform for them to have sex. Uh, why would she be remembering THOSE episodes? IIRC, Jake used the pirate outfit as an excuse to call her a slut/hooker (even though HE was the one who asked her to do it), and Taylor, who thought Brot was dead at the time, caught Amanda "desecrating" Brot's uniform and it was quite the mood killer. Amanda felt HORRIBLE about how thoughtless she had been.

Robin "Ah, good times!" Coutellier

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