Wednesday, May 20, 2009

BC - Tue, 5/19/09

Jesse tells JAR that what happened tonight (Tad getting shot) was a horrible, horrible **ACCIDENT**. No it wasn't. Jesse's gun did not ACCIDENTALLY fire itself THREE TIMES into Tad's body. I think only one of the bullets made a direct hit, but he FIRED three times. That's no accident.

Kendall's baby's HEART STOPPED a very short time ago. Now the police want her to come down to the hospital to question her or they'll come and GET her. Why can't they send someone to the hospital to question her THERE? That way, if something happens to the baby she'll at least be nearby. All things considered, she's amazingly calm about it, asking Erica to stay with Ian. The way they are writing her, it's like she doesn't even GIVE a damn about Ian! He's always been an afterthought to her. Right before he temporarily died, she and Zach were told that Ian would probably be dead by morning. They managed to revive him, but I didn't hear anything about his prognosis magically changing. The police can damn well wait until morning for Kendall's statement! She was there and even thinks she was the one who killed Adam, but THEY don't know that (yet)!

Later in the show, David talks about how much Ian is improving and says that they might be able to do surgery to replace the valve soon. Huh? At what point did he miraculously get BETTER as opposed to being revived after his heart stopped? According to them, he was leaking all over the place internally. How did THAT part stop? Did they squirt some of that stuff you squirt into tires to plug a leak down his airway?

Kendall should know better than to lie about leaving the hospital. There are cameras all OVER the place and she would have been caught on them.

Jesse shot someone. Shouldn't he be on Administrative Leave now?

Based on what we heard today, I think we're going to see a LOT of "inappropriate" behavior from Tad pretty much right off the bat. I don't buy the instant laughing, though. You don't laugh as you are coming out from under the influence of anesthesia, and once you DO start laughing, it's probably going to hurt enough that you stop, especially if you've just had surgery on your HEAD. And your throat would be VERY dry, so your voice/laugh would probably be kind of croaky.

As it turns out, STUART was the one who died, not Adam. I wondered about that, because the spoiler I had heard previously indicated it would be Stuart, and I thought the spoiler might have been wrong, although no one seemed to bother to even LOOK for Stuart. I have no idea why he was wearing a SUIT, but he was. The look on "Adam's" face as the camera circled around him WAS very Stuart-like, though. That was a good method to keep us guessing, because if you were surrounded by people trying to shoot you, you might go slack-jawed, too (personally, I'm pretty sure some OTHER part of me would go slack first, but that's just me ), so it could fit either scenario. But then they had his "thoughts" being heard by us, which certainly seemed to indicate it was ADAM. Maybe it was Stuart remembering what Adam had told him and we didn't see it. There's a LOT we don't see these days.

Looks like they are back to showing us previews at the end of the show.

Robin "how will Jesse react to meeting up with Liza?" Coutellier

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