Friday, May 8, 2009

BC - Thu, 5/7/09

When Ryan said to Tad (re the Satin Slayer and Dixie's death): "What happened to you not wanting to dig this whole thing up again," how many of you IMMEDIATELY flashed to Tad burying Dr. Madden and causing his death in he process? Yeah, there ARE some things Tad just does NOT want to be reminded/questioned as far as digging things up goes.

Jake tells Amanda (re his loving her) that he never says anything he doesn't mean -- at least he TRIES. So I guess he meant it when, FOR NO APPARENT REASON, he called her a slut and said she looks like a hooker! Sorry, but it's going to take a while for me to reconcile the two Jakes.

Ryan's thoughts are that when this (this being Ian's health crisis) is over, he's going to take her far away from all this to a place where kids never get sick and she can just smile and laugh and let go. Why bother? Doesn't he accomplish that in his own penthouse? She never thinks about the kids when she's there unless someone calls to tell her that something is very wrong ... AGAIN. And she's not with them because being with Ryan is MUCH more important to her ... AGAIN.

They've really gone over the edge with Adam this time! Adam is an evil bastard who will stop at nothing in business to get the edge and crush his enemies. He has NEVER deliberately risked the life of a BABY, though. When he locked Gloria up in that warehouse and she went into premature labor, the baby DID end up dying after a day or two. However, that was a different situation, and he almost committed suicide over it. He didn't believe she was really in labor and was driven by a jealous and possessive rage. Does he really believe the doctor is lying about the heart valve having a design flaw? Maybe, maybe not, but I still don't believe it's true to Adam's character to just go ahead with the surgery anyway just for the sake of money. Then again, he DID leave Krystal on the floor to give birth and then kidnapped her baby to SELL it to strangers, while leaving it in the care of a known psychopath. Still, in the cases of Gloria and Krystal, he was driven by intense emotions. This time he is cold-bloodedly gambling with the LIFE of a BABY! Chandler might go under if they don't have a successful operation with the new heart valve, but it will SURELY go under if the baby dies BECAUSE of the heart valve.

First they show Zach pulling off Liza's panties, and now they show Jake going under the covers and starting to go down on Amanda. What next? Are we going to see him coming up for air and wiping his glistening mouth and chin? Of course, we actually DID see Krystal wiping her mouth several years ago after she convinced a doctor/lab tech to make sure the DNA results on Babe's unborn baby showed JAR to be the father.

Robin "it's only a matter of time before we see naked crotch shots" Coutellier

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