Friday, May 22, 2009

BC - Thu, 5/21/09

Although it's been a little corny so far, I have to say that it's nice to see MEK get a chance to be his quick-witted, silly and endearing self again! I wonder if he's going to remember or admit killing Dr. Madden now that he doesn't have as many social inhibitions.

I like Natalia's new hairdo.

Although he's doing a good job pretending to be dead, David Canary's left eye DID twitch a little when Scott was talking to him about a poem.

Ryan is RICH. Why doesn't HE have people out looking for Annie?

The way Krystal's hair is today, she looks a LOT like Marissa/eBabe.

Krystal may still be wearing the same outfit she was wearing last night, but she sure did get her hair and makeup nicely done. I wonder if she stopped and got her nails done, too.

I'm glad Liza explained that she DID contact Marian.

I liked that Scott went in to talk to Stuart and stroke his face and hair and hug him and cry. See, Kendall and Zach, THAT is how REAL people react when someone they love dies. It may have been fairly short, but at least he STAYED.

Adam was looking pretty pathetic in his confusion and grief, and in a VERY human (aka NON-Adam-like) way.

Robin "will Aidan continue to sneak into Annie's room/cell to have sex with her or will the thrill be gone since she's willing to stay there?" Coutellier

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