Sunday, May 31, 2009

BC - Thu, 5/28/09

Given David's nature and given the MANY times he's just let himself into the Martin residence, you'd think Jake and Amanda would be a little more circumspect about talking in the house about the baby and their plans. He probably has bugs planted all OVER the house (or he WILL, soon enough).

As usual, the Keystone Kops put people of interest together to get their stories straight and/or tip their hands to each other (Erica and Ryan in this case).

JAR told Colby to stop ragging on Liza (she had just told Liza she wasn't part of the family and was NOT wanted there at the funeral). JAR was surprisingly (for HIM) mature and astute when he pointed out that she needed to think about what Uncle Stuart would have wanted. Marian needs all the support she can get, and that includes her daughter, Liza.

That organ music playing at the funeral while Scott was talking to eBabe at the entrance was AWFUL! It was like they couldn't decide on whether or not to play a dirge, vampire music, or carnival/colliope music.

Look! Cat-Ruth made an appearance at the funeral!

Kendall tells Ryan that it's okay -- LIZA is the one that screwed everything up, not him. Kendall should really consider that by abandoning her seconds-dead infant and going to the mansion to point a gun at Adam/Stuart's head, she might have been just a teensy bit responsible for being in her current predicament. Delusional/self-justifying much?

All right, WHO was eavesdropping on my email to Ashley Mendoza at the Pine Valley Podcast? On May 10 at 7:05 pm I had emailed her the following in response to her asking people for suggestions on a name for an award for actors who take the crappiest writing imaginable and just slog on through like troupers, playing it for all it was worth, as opposed to, say, Rebecca Buddig, who clearly was just phoning in her performances in the last go-around.

Hi Ashley!

I've only read a few comments on last week's podcast, but I was reminded about the award and the need for a name. I would like to suggest something along the lines of the Rubbertree Award. Why? Well, I was reading a comment about it and an old song, HIGH HOPES, popped into my head.

Just what makes that little old ant,
Think he can move a rubbertree plant?
Everyone knows that an ant ... can't ... move a RUBBERTREE PLANT!

But he's got, HIIIIGH HOPES!
He's got high in the SKY, apple PIIIE hope!

President Kennedy used a variation on that theme during his election campaign (with Sinatra singing it). Shirley on the 1970s LaVerne and Shirley TV show also called upon it during tough times to buck up LaVerne's spirits or to get her to do something that seems hopeless.

It seems to fit with the poor actors trying to give a decent performance in the face of monumentally crappy writing.

Looking forward to the next installment!

O-M-G! The fact that AMC just used that as a part of Stuart's funeral is just plain FREAKY!

Annie is in the cell next to Kendall and offers to help her through her first day in jail. I guess Annie doesn't know that Kendall is an old pro at being arrested and has, in fact, done two years in state prison (where she met Janet From Another Planet).

I've been pretty pre-occupied lately, and I don't think I was really paying attention during the hearing for David's "misconduct" over Adam's prescriptions. Nurse Gayle took the fall for him, and he arranged for her to get a job elsewhere. WTF? Why wasn't she immediately ARRESTED for it?

There will be no Friday Boogie Chillen; it wasn't BAD, I just wasn't inspired to comment on any of it.

Robin "some days are like that" Coutellier

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